How to Make a Dying Wheel


Introduction: How to Make a Dying Wheel

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The dying wheel is just a motor attached to knex. The attaching is trick but it's fun to make if you are bored.

Step 1:

1. Motor I used one in a case it is a bit hard to use one without.
2. Screwdriver
3. Box of the smaller knex
4. screws if you have a motor case.

Step 2:

To start make the knex as I did the pics will show how.

Step 3:

It should look like this when you finish.

Step 4:

Next add the people who will fall.

Step 5:

Then screw the motor on to the sticking out area.

Step 6:

Add the on off switch and battery compartment to the motor.

Step 7:

Go to an elevated area and turn on the battery compartment. At this the knex will turn upside down and the two knex substitute people will fall.

Step 8:

Hope you liked it please fav and follow.



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