Introduction: How to Make a Easy Yet Powerful Bb Nerf Gun!

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This is my first instruction thigny so i might not be absoulty great but the gun is. 

Step 1:

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step 1.
Things you need:
Bic pen
Nerf gun
Nerf bullet without the velcro thing on it (just take off the tip)
bb pellets

Step 2:

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Step 2.
Get you pen and remove the cap and the ink bit.

Step 3:

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Step 3.
Get the bullet with no end and the pen tube and put the pointed end of the pen into the bullet but dont do it to far.

Step 4:

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step 4.
put the bullet into the gun and tape it into place.

Step 5:

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Step 5.
to load put the bb pellet in the end and pull the trigger.


NOBODYEPIC60 (author)2014-07-16

I flagged because of wrong category

woodstockbirdy (author)2011-07-13

Just buy a cheep airsoft gun.

It will have more power than a modded airsoft dart.

Royse9808 (author)2011-02-09

You need a vidieo!

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