This is a fairly easy project. You don't need to solder. Other than the Arduino UNO, all of the materials are easy to find and are not that costly. This project it is a fun way to lock your bedroom door, and is completely customizable. I have included the code, but to run it you need to have the Arduino software. Have fun!

Step 1: Gather the Materials

This picture shows the materials you will need.

The resistors are as follows
9 270 ohms(5% resistance)
3 10k ohms(5% resistance)

You will also need a power source. I hooked up my Arduino to my computer.
You will need a chord to connect the Arduino to the computer
Make sure everything works and then continue
<p>excuse me! what was the combination for these switches to run the servo........!</p>
<p>I would like to make a nice comment so if I Ask will the sketch be updated or edited to read the correct version is that OK?</p><p>I Really need to lock my Garage door with something not pick lockable. copying and pasting correct code would make life a lot quicker and more secure, Thanks</p>
<p>Im sorry, I don't really understand your question. I don't know if using this lock for your garage door is the best idea.</p>
<p>i have updated the code and double checked it and changed it.</p>
<p>Hello Ehab volt. I am so sorry, in the line above [Servo myservo;], I made a mistake. instead of [ #include ] it should be [ #include &lt;Servo.h&gt;</p><p>hope that works!</p><p>-MS. shadow513</p>
<p>excuse me MR. ... that line didnt work (Servo myservo; ) ... what a good idea ! so plz help me to apply it .. thank you :)</p>

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