Here are the instructions to make a eyepiece with recycled parts, is easy and cheap to make and gives good quality images. this can be useful to people given courses on astronomy specially those where you make your own telescope.

Step 1: Get the Parts

The first things is to get the lens from an old cd-rom or dvd, you will remove the lens, use a non working unit.

I use one from a dvd-rom, the lens was mounted on a square plastic this made easier to handle the piece, be careful, not no damage or scratch the glass

The cd-rom and dvd-rom are similar but they have different focus distance, keep this on mind, you can make two if you can dismantle one of each.

The lens can be mounted on a tube the size of the telescope barrel, searching for parts, i found one that i liked because the size was right, and need little work, the plastic bottle for35 mm film

The other main part is a small metal plate,

You will need 3 little fasteners and 3 little plastic washers.
i have not learned
Amazing!!!!!! What focal length does this tiny lens has? It's always great to have a cheap eyepiece.
WoW!! That's a small / high powered magnyfication. It must be hard to view through. I'll try this out. Thanks
What a good idea to use that tiny lens!
Tanks, tomorrow I will add more pictures, I finish late at night, to try use this aiming at Jupiter, and was a little bit of problem to take the pictures

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