Bows are everywhere.  They are a great alternative to flowers which are also out there too.  There are lots of things you can create bows to adorn.  Think about headbands, hair bands, clips.  This tute can be reduced or enlarged to suit any project.  The bows make great embellishments for hand/shoulder bag or purses.

Step 1: Step One

Choose your fabric scraps.  Co-ordinating or contrasting works fantastically well.  Cut your fabric to the create a rectangle.  5" by 6".
 I know I'll be using this a lot, thanks very much. :)
Thanks for making it easy . I am planning to make a red bowtie for my tuxedo cat. Love, your pictures ! momz<br />
Can't wait to try this. Thank you for sharing!
This is great!&nbsp; Thanks!&nbsp; PS, i like your image/instructions.&nbsp; Great idea.<br />
i like your handwriting :)<br />
Thanks for your comments.&nbsp; Sorry that you thought I was offering a pattern for a bow tie, perhaps that is something I could do in the future.&nbsp; One thing is definite, there have been lots of views to this project which is encouraging so I think I might have a go again soon.<br />
This is wonderful - thank you!&nbsp;
Wait, this isn't a bow-tie?<br />
No, a bow-tie utilizes a special technique for tying a more or less rectangular strip of cloth (some have a bit of a wave-like pattern to them pre-tying). <br />

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