Step 6: Step Five

Turn and press.  Top stitch around the entire shape.  Keep your stitching as closely as you can to the edge of the shape.
 I know I'll be using this a lot, thanks very much. :)
Thanks for making it easy . I am planning to make a red bowtie for my tuxedo cat. Love, your pictures ! momz<br />
Can't wait to try this. Thank you for sharing!
This is great!&nbsp; Thanks!&nbsp; PS, i like your image/instructions.&nbsp; Great idea.<br />
i like your handwriting :)<br />
Thanks for your comments.&nbsp; Sorry that you thought I was offering a pattern for a bow tie, perhaps that is something I could do in the future.&nbsp; One thing is definite, there have been lots of views to this project which is encouraging so I think I might have a go again soon.<br />
This is wonderful - thank you!&nbsp;
Wait, this isn't a bow-tie?<br />
No, a bow-tie utilizes a special technique for tying a more or less rectangular strip of cloth (some have a bit of a wave-like pattern to them pre-tying). <br />

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