How to make a fabulous lasagna for 12...

Don't let the title scare you. One need not invite a dozen people over in order
to enjoy such a wonderful dish. But you'll want to share this meal, or you'll be eating it
for a week. Keep in mind, it freezes well!

Sure, you can grab a few noodles, a jar of sauce and some cheese. Heat and eat.
But not today. We're using the microwave only for the timer.

Step back to a place in time when people cooked. When they actually used spices
and simmered for more than ten minutes. Worth every bit of time it takes to make
this fabulous lasagna! Consider making only the sauce one evening to go with spaghetti

This may not be your great grandmother's fabulous lasagna, it may not be authentic
to a recipe you prefer, but I enjoyed making it and hope to share it with others. If I have
omitted anything in error, please kindly bring it to my attention. I dislike typos and would
appreciate any assistance. But be nice. We're all in this together, you know. If you don't
have anything nice to say...

Please consider reading the entire Instructable before creating this dish. It is important
to understand a complete recipe in order to avoid potential downfalls of omitting a certain step.

Thank you for the inspiration and recipe,!

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mikeasaurus2 years ago
mmm lasagna, my favourite!
WUVIE (author)  mikeasaurus2 years ago
Thanks, Mike! :-) I appreciate it!
caarntedd2 years ago
Awesome. My favourite.
WUVIE (author)  caarntedd2 years ago
Thank you, Caarntedd! :-)
jbailey72 years ago
Looks very tasty.
Lasagna is one of my family's favorite dishes. It's usually the first thing our kids ask me to make when we are all together. Many years ago my Aunt mentioned a recipe that did not require cooking the noodles. I decided to give it a try and have never cooked my noodles since. You don't need to buy a special brand or type of noodle to do this and no one has ever been able to tell the difference. It cuts out the cooking step, you just have to snap off a corner or two when layering.
I personally do not like my tomato based pasta sauces to be sweet so I add no sugar and actually add lemon juice to counter the sweetness of the tomato products (again, just personal preference). I've never used sausage chopped up into the sauce, I think I will try that with my next batch (Thanks for the idea). And thanks for the tip on the Chop Stir (yes I do need one, I do want one!!).
One last tip, I use sliced provolone as the top of each cheese layer, it helps when you are spreading on the next layer of sauce.
WUVIE (author)  jbailey72 years ago
Hi there!

Many thanks! I keep telling myself that I am going to try the 'no cook' method. You've convinced me!
sunshiine2 years ago
I am sending this link to my son! He LOVES lasagna! Thanks for sharing! Have a super day!
WUVIE (author)  sunshiine2 years ago
Many thanks, Sunshiine!
mguer1332 years ago
You could also replace Ricotta by just using a béchamel sauce (butter flour and milk).
In this case, there would be no need to pre-cook the lasagna sheets as the béchamel sauce wood water down the pasta while cooking.
Just my two cents.
hammerpb2 years ago
I think on the first page onder the meat base, you meant to put 2 cloves of minced Garlic instead of onion. Nice looking lasagna BTW.
WUVIE (author)  hammerpb2 years ago
Indeed, thank you so much for letting me know. I've corrected it.
I appreciate your help! :-)
lemonie2 years ago

That really does look very good (hungry now)


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