How to Make a Fake Virus.


Introduction: How to Make a Fake Virus.

In this instructable I will teach you how to make a fake virus which looks like a virus but doesn't harm your computer. There is two kinds that you will learn to make, one restarts your computer and another shuts down your computer.

Step 1: Creating the Core of a Fake Virus.

This is the hard stage to the point if you mess up, you may may end up creating a real virus if you mess up on the target, so copy and paste what I tell you to.

Right click on your desk top and go to new. Create a short cut and type the following for restart: shutdown.exe -r -t 60

Or if you want to shutdown the computer type: shutdown -s -t 70

Then click next and leave the name as shutdown.

Step 2: Spicing Up the Core.

Right click on the fake virus core and go to properties, click on change icon then click ok. Pick your icon and have a name to go with the icon. Then once you have clicked on the icon click apply but don't close the window. If you look, there is a blank field called comments, if you hover over the icon, what is typed in this field will be shown.

Step 3: Trying It Out.

If you did it correctly and followed all the steps, the virus should work so try it out. If it works you should E-Mail it to all of your friends not saying it's a fake virus.



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    Is it possible to create a virus that will act like a spreading Trojan and only effect certain files and or specific names?

    "if you mess up, you may may end up creating a real virus if you mess up on the target"
    How can you make a real virus by just making a shortcut unless you have a virus on your computer. The only thing that might scare someone is an error box saying it cant find the target.
    Just wanted to point that out. Other than that good instructable.

    dude you got to make a short cut to it then change its icon

     Where'd you get the icon on the first page, the one for word because if they have them for all of the microsoft office icons I want to change them

    1 reply

    These are fun lol, i just made my first today (using some of the commands in this instructable) i was wondering though if it was possible to make it play a .mp3 file when the joke started? my dad has a song that'd be perfect for this

    1 reply

     type in a text file:

    @echo off
    shutdown.exe -s -t 60
    start "song name"

    replace song name with the name of the song so... I use Boom boom pow I would type. Type it exactly as it shows and also it needs to be in the same folder as it. PM me for more.

    start "Boom Boom Pow.mp3"

    cmon im 14 and i knew that spcolsson

    This is alright... but not the best. I can make better ones. I already knew this one. Keep trying though.

    cant send it it says its shutdown.exe if that ant a give a way i dont know what is you got a way to fix it?

    1 reply

    Dont name it shutdown,name it something else.

    to make it better, type shutdown -r -t 60 -c "A Virus has been detected. Computer privileges have been removed, sorry" By the way, if you push Windows key + R, then type shutdown -a in command prompt then it stops the prank from working that time.

    is there a way to change any icon to almost w/e you want?

    I really wish people would stop posting this, I wouldn't mind if each one was different, but they aren't.

    2 replies

    ya but but i give it in detail

    Not really, there are much more detailed versions with actual screenshots of the process.

    why give a 60 or 70 second countdown? it'd be significantly more annoying if it worked immediately (and the user is much less likely to figure it out as quick)