Picture of How to make a fashionable long sleeve blouse

Long sleeve blouses are perfect to every type of women! In this case I did it more shorter but you can definitely make it longer. Look for a pretty satin or silk fabric, get creative and have fun!

You Will Need.

Fabric: silk or satin. Sewing Machine, Pins, chalk or a pencil.

Step 1: First Step

Picture of First Step
Picture #1: Fold the fabric on the opposite side.

                     Dobla la tela del lado opuesto.

Picture#2: Pin the fabric together

                   Con los alfileres unir la tela

Picture #3: Once you pin the fabric is time to measure the shoulders

                     Una vez que tengas la tela segura con los alfileres, tienes que medir los hombros.

How much material?

creid34 years ago
how much fabric do you buy?
jlujan14 years ago
empanadas con tenedor?
re bueno el tutorial, siempre haces cosas muy lindas y faciles de hacer!!
a demas le pones mucha onda a los videos!
abrazo desde cordoba (argentina)
scoochmaroo4 years ago
Really fantastic!
danny61144 years ago
Your dinner companion is a lucky man!
capricorn4 years ago
Many thanks for sharing. I will try this for my Girlfriend :)
Supernewby4 years ago
Very cute blouse! I will have to try this.
Ninzerbean4 years ago
I just saw a blouse almost exactly like this one in the Neiman Marcus catalog for $750. Great music too. Gracias!
tamara0154 years ago
me encanta!!!! me encantan las cosas que haces!!!!