Step 7: The Electronic

Picture of The Electronic
OK. First I will give you the schematic, electronic plan, and in step 8 i will explain it.
its realy good
E brate koliko bi max dioda mogao da povezem na 9v na istoj shemi?
crashcup4 years ago
Which components affect the rate of blinking? Could this be made to blink maybe 5-6 times per second?
if you use a .47uf cap(which is what i used) yuor led(s) will blink faster than 22uf cap BUT be careful not to use to low a cap that it will looke like a normal light cuz it blinks so fast also any lower then a 4uf cap the led will get dimer
Where does the 330-ohm resistor go in this circuit?
sridh5 years ago
Can any one tell me how to draw these circuit   any specific Software .
comodore (author)  sridh5 years ago
Ah, you have a ton of them....
Probably the best is Eagle! :)
Good Luck!
boydtoamuse6 years ago
Won't all the LEDs pull too much current through the 555, burning it up eventually? I mean, little LEDs pull 20 milliamps and 555 timers are rated at 5-10 milliamps as a maximum rating. Have you found that your circuits burn out or anything?
comodore (author)  boydtoamuse6 years ago
No! I use it on my bike every time I ride at night... nothing burned up...
techmonster6 years ago
in the schematic did you mean to say 108 k ohm
comodore (author)  techmonster6 years ago
No, why? In the components step you can see it sais 180 k ohms...
Srinu6 years ago
Hi, I have a doubt. Am working on something for which i don't need blinking lights but need lights that gradually become dimmer and then brighter. Can someone tell me what to do?
comodore (author)  Srinu6 years ago
Hmm, I am not shore how to do that, but you can do that by hand with a potenciometer... :P
joao.torres6 years ago
use a transistor to amplify swich a secundary circuit
comodore (author)  joao.torres6 years ago
how, i tried but no effect! Can you make a schematic, where should i put the transistor circuit? Thank you!
u just need to put a NPN transistor with a 330-470ohm resistor in the base, conecte to the 3rd 555 pin, the emissor conect in the ground and colector conect in the out of the secundary circut(the circuit should be conected in the power supply)
comodore (author)  joao.torres6 years ago
Thanks for the schematic! Thanks a lot! I will try this when I get a chance and let you know. My work table is curently full of electronic components because im working on something... TOP SECRET! :D Let you know when I try this ! Thanks!
lucas_br6 years ago
hello , I'm planing to use your Instructables as a base for another project how can I adapt it for a 12V power supply? (bike dynamo)
comodore (author)  lucas_br6 years ago
hi, first of all you don't need to use 12V. Limit the current coming from the dinamo whit an appropriate resistor so you get 9V coming out.Try useing a 150 ohm resistor and see how mutch it lowers the voltage.I think that would be the best solution. Good luck! Post some pics of your project when your done! If you have any more questions feel free to ask!!! :D