Create a faux zebra hide rug using fabric and permanent marker.

(More photos available here: Bromeliad Living)

You will need one or two yards of white fabric such as vinyl or faux suede and a permanent marker or fabric paint.

You will also need access to a digital projector in order to enlarge an image of the hide

Step 1: Step 1

Find an image of a zebra hide taken straight on. Using a digital projector, project the image onto your fabric and trace the outline of the hide and the stripes with washable pen or marker.
Omg....CooL.....THis Wouldve Came Out Much ?Better Cuzx my Carpet Wazx 234.99 OMG VERY EXPENSIVE!!
 This turned out awesome!!! 
I got mine for free, but usually it runs about $15 a yard.
not bad...how much did the material cost?
This would look so cool in my bedroom! I think I'll totally make one!
Nice work

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