How to Make a Faux Zebra Hide Rug





Introduction: How to Make a Faux Zebra Hide Rug

Create a faux zebra hide rug using fabric and permanent marker.

(More photos available here: Bromeliad Living)

You will need one or two yards of white fabric such as vinyl or faux suede and a permanent marker or fabric paint.

You will also need access to a digital projector in order to enlarge an image of the hide

Step 1: Step 1

Find an image of a zebra hide taken straight on. Using a digital projector, project the image onto your fabric and trace the outline of the hide and the stripes with washable pen or marker.

Step 2: Step 2

Color in the zebra stripes with permanent marker or fabric paint. Allow marker to dry completely before cutting out the hide.

Step 3:

Your zebra "hide" is finished.

More photos here



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    Omg....CooL.....THis Wouldve Came Out Much ?Better Cuzx my Carpet Wazx 234.99 OMG VERY EXPENSIVE!!

    I got mine for free, but usually it runs about $15 a yard.

    not much did the material cost?

    This would look so cool in my bedroom! I think I'll totally make one!