How to Make a Feather Corset




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Introduction: How to Make a Feather Corset

Today I wanna show you how to make a feather corset. 

Step 1: Materials List

Materials List:

- corset - If you would like to make it by yourself, see "How to make a corset (quick +easy)" 
- hot glue
- feathers (very soft)
- bias tape
- satin tape

Step 2: Fixing the Feathers

Let's start!:)

Start fixing the feathers with hot glue bottom-up. I have placed the feathers really close to one another because I think this looks really nice. Please work very carefully, as hot glue is really hot. Believe me.:)

Step 3: Sewing the Bias Tape

Next step is to sew the bias tape at hem. This is a little be tricky as most corsets are very stiff. Just think about the bones. I don't want you to destroy your sewing machine, so if you notice that your sewing machine doesn't work very well, carry on by hand.:)

Step 4: Lacing

I have used a satin tape for lacing, but you can also use any tape you would like. I think that a velvet tape would be look very nice as well.

I hope I have explained it fairly well. Otherwise I look forward to your questions.:)



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    wow! omg *-* very beautiful

    Would you like to make a corset out some old jeans or replace the feathers by jeans? I look forward to your answer.:)

    yah I want to make the top part out of old jeans and the bottom made from some white silk, I want the bottom to be this kinda style, and the top to be the style you have,


    Thank you very much. As I have used really soft feathers with a flexible quill, it even feels like fur.:)