Picture of How to make a feather pen (plus invisible ink!)
Feather pens are awesome!
They can be used  as costume props, secret message pens, make-believe toys and much more!
With this instructable, I will be showing you how to make a feather pen, PLUS invisible ink to go with it!

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
What you need-

A feather (see step two)
A highliter
A piece of 3/4 inch or similar wood (optional)
A small container ( like a film canister)

A knife
A drill (optional)
A jar with a lid


Step 2: Choosing your Feather

Picture of Choosing your Feather
As you might guess,  the feather  is the most important part of this whole project, so make sure your feather is a good one!

Your feather should be from a large bird ( like a turkey, goose, ect.) so that it will have a thick quill. This is so that it will be strong enough to be cut into a pen. Your feather should also be nice and full, with few imperfections.

Some places to find feathers-

your backyard
the internet (  sites like zucker feather products are good)

Step 3: Prep your feather

It is always a good idea to wash your feathers, especially if you found them outside!
To wash your feather, gently run it under warm water while smoothly cleaning any dirt or bugs off of it.

To make your feather pen last longer, you may wish to dip the end of the quill in warm sand for a bout 30 min.
this will harden the point of the quill, making it stronger.

Nice project. Just one thing, you can get a lot more ink if you the ink that's stored inside the body of the marker.You canget it out by taking of the white cap in the back.