How to Make a Figure 4 Deadfall





Introduction: How to Make a Figure 4 Deadfall

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This deadfall is used to catch a mice and squirrels and anything else small. The bait is attached to the end of the pointed end so when the animal takes off the bait it will disrupt the setup and crush the animal.

Step 1: Peg Stick

Step 2: Suport

Step 3: Bait Stick

Step 4: Puting It Together

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    That's horribly mean!

    This is a very informative 'ible. Always wanted a clear guide on how to make a figure4!

    1 reply

    Thanks and your welcome

    Your intro pics are good, almost like a diagram. I might have to try this, you have my vote.

    1 reply

    Thank you so much so much

    That would be a figure four deadfall--a "snare" is usually a noose made of wire.

    3 replies

    Agreed. However, it's an excellent deadfall!

    Thank you don't forget to vote

    Oh okay thank you It said it was a snare in a book but the book is old.

    Nice idea. I think your Instructable could use some more description at each step, otherwise, great photos!

    1 reply

    Hey thanks for commenting I wasn't really going to make an instructable but I just wanted to show you how it works and how to make it Like were you put your notches and how deep to make them depends on your choice of sticks and rock.