Step 8: Fire Bow Drill.

too construct a fire bow drill you need a piece of string, a curved stick, a straight stick, a flat piece of wood, a stone, and a knife.

First you tie one end of the string to one end of the curved stick and then loop it around the middle of the straight stick and tie it at the other end. Then sharpen one end of the straight stick and cut a v shape in the side of the flat piece of wood. Lastly carve out a hole in the wood right below the v and make sure it doesn't break through the other side of the wood. Then you take the flat piece of wood and place it hole your fire starter and put the pointed stick into the hole. Place the stone on the other end of the pointed stick and with your other hand move the bow (curved stick) back and forth. Once you get a few embers in the hole then knock them onto the fire starter and blow until you get a flame.
Bear Grylls is the champ at this <a href="http://howtohacklife101.blogspot.com/2011/05/how-to-build-fire.html">http://howtohacklife101.blogspot.com/2011/05/how-to-build-fire.html</a>
<p>Lol. To be honest, I'd rather be looking at Bear Grylls teacher..................</p><p>Do a bit of research and you will find the man who probably personally taught Bear Grylls everything about survival is the UK's Special Forces Survival teacher, and that is non other than...............Ray Mears.<br><br>He also is used as a very experienced tracker by the UK Police. </p>
<p>My RV starts a fire for me each time I flip a switch. I find that is the easiest way to start a fire in the woods. </p>
where did u get the flent
you get flint in walmart... actually just about any store with a camping section.
flint and steel. enough said.<br />
BIC lighter. enough said.
Bic lighter can't be brought everywhere and won't work if it get's wet. Matches are prone to wind problems and unless they are waterproof have same water problems. My flint I keep on my key chain in the form of a magnesium fire starter. My steel is and knife I have at the time It works on wet grass and in wind and after it's soaked it still works. IE.<br><br>Flint and steel. Enough said.
Box of matches. enough said.
the most water-conserving way to put a fire out is to put some sand onto it or to pee on it (for guys only)
Never ever ever pee on a fire.
why not?
Because peeing on a fire vaporizes the pee, and then you can breath it in which is never fun.
Yeah... you're right. Breathing your own pee in is definitely not fun. You just have to be careful when doing this. <br/>Also, I meant putting sand <strong>AND</strong> peeing onto it (onto the sand.)<br/>
pee on a fire does Not smell good but is fairly fun
what would happen if you shat on a fire? thats my burning question!!
i thought of that just before reading your comment
my friend put out&nbsp;a forrest fire with pee...the thing is he lit the forrest fire 5 mins before
not unless you are whering a gas mask
Urine is comprised of water and cellular waste; it is a sterile liquid and, therefore, a sterile gas. Apart from the horrible smell, you'd probably be just fine inhaling the fumes. Also, I assure you that dirt is not difficult to come by, so you should never be in a situation so hopeless as to require this method of putting out fires. Keep in mind also that it's a bit more difficult to control the aforementioned method of quenching flames and it should be especially avoided if you're in a dry deciduous forest with a lot of tender laying about. "Remember kids, only YOU can prevent forest fires."
"Remember kids, only YOU can prevent forest fires."??? Say that to the people that do controlled burns (forest fires are a natural thing).
Piss on the fire, call in the dogs and head it back on to bowlegs.<br /> The nitty gritty dirt band<br /> <br /> Hadn't though of those lyrics for a long time. Unless a lot a beer was held in uncomfortably, smothering the fire with dirt or sand finishes the job.<br />
I tryed this and my string wont turn the stick i tryed useing shoe lacesnylon rope what am i doing wrong????
Ps i tryed the bow drill
The fire ring should not be made of stones because they can crack from the heat. The fire ring is not always even necessary.
I'm a boyscout and i have probably made close to 100 fire and all the ones that had rocks the rocks didn't crack<br />
&nbsp;same here.&nbsp;
Actually, if you're in an emergency situation, it's smart to have some rocks with your fire. They absorb heat and keep it for a long time. When you go to bed you can take the rocks out (with a stick or something of course) and bury them beneath your bedding. The ground won't be as cold then. <br /> <br /> non-emergency but still a good way to keep warm at night. Take the rock out and let it stay out for about 10 minutes, wrap it in a towel or piece of thick clothing and then set it in your sleeping bag at your feet. <br /> <br /> The thicker the rock, the more heat it absorbs and the longer it will return the heat while you sleep.
have you ever heard of a fire piston?
Yeah, but i didn't know how to make one and i don't own one so i couldn't put it up.
I believe there's an instructable on making a fire piston.<br />
This is great, every method i use in boyscouts is in here, and they all work. But the bow and drill is difficult.Thanks<br />
your fire starting method can double as a hunting implement&nbsp; :D<br />
do they make campfire thermometers
I wouldn't have put the suggestion for just dumping water. 1) it causes lots of smoke to go in your face, and 2) any excess water in the fire pit will make it difficult to light a fire later on.
you got one big mess in the background i see :P
I carry a small bottle of Potassium Permanganate and a second small bottle of Glycerin. a drop of each together is combustible and poof a fire. Separately the chemicals are safe. Both of which can be found in any pharmacy. This was also shown briefly in segments of Survivor Man and Man vs. Wild.
that is a very good thing, i used to carry some sort of homemade firestarters based on these two components. the only problem is that all the local pharmacies stopped selling theKMnO4.
magnesium shavings work well too
Yeah they do!
just spit on it! :)
dirt works best. smother it out
Or u could replase the rocks with a log
Wouldn't that be a bit chaotic?
heh, those don't ACT like shorted out wires, they are shorted out wires.
I really would have liked to see more informational content in this 'ible. As it was, you pretty much just listed different techniques and didn't really discuss how to use each one. Good start, though.
nice..really liked this instructable ive always been looking for that bow one.. im gonna try it sometime soon.. i hope it works!!

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