Step 8: Fire bow drill.

too construct a fire bow drill you need a piece of string, a curved stick, a straight stick, a flat piece of wood, a stone, and a knife.

First you tie one end of the string to one end of the curved stick and then loop it around the middle of the straight stick and tie it at the other end. Then sharpen one end of the straight stick and cut a v shape in the side of the flat piece of wood. Lastly carve out a hole in the wood right below the v and make sure it doesn't break through the other side of the wood. Then you take the flat piece of wood and place it hole your fire starter and put the pointed stick into the hole. Place the stone on the other end of the pointed stick and with your other hand move the bow (curved stick) back and forth. Once you get a few embers in the hole then knock them onto the fire starter and blow until you get a flame.
I tryed this and my string wont turn the stick i tryed useing shoe lacesnylon rope what am i doing wrong????
you got one big mess in the background i see :P