Picture of How to make a fire torch
All you need is: a knife, lighter fluid or vodka, a rag or some old clothes, a lighter, a stick and rope or something similar

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Step 1: Step one

Picture of step one
first, put your fabric onto your stick and tie your rope around the fabric and your stick

Step 2: Step two

Picture of step two
soak the fabric in lighter fluid and light it

Step 3:

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the darkness is before then you see how much the torch lights up.

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colonelb31 year ago
Hey assassin i thought I'd say hi. Check out my new instructable rubber band bracelets!
colonelb31 year ago
Ok i will check it out!
colonelb31 year ago
Thats really cool thnx!
Assassin Tube (author)  colonelb31 year ago
Thanks for the comment :0 you can check out my youtube video to see the torch in action :) --