short guide on how to make a fire

Step 1: Tools

lighter,matches,knife and flint or fireworks especially fountains (I highly do not recommend)

I'm not responsible for what you and your friends do with fire


Step 2: Stuff to Light

newspaper,cotton balls,lighter fluid,wood shavings,flamable stuff

Step 3: Lighting

matches: use cotton balls, wood shavings or newspaper to make a tinder bundle also use twigs and light that then put small logs on

lighter: pretty much do the same thing as the matches

flint:take a cotton ball and use it to light the cotton ball than put tinder bundle on

fireworks: take your fountain and put it on its side aiming at your tinder light the fuse and stand back

(speed every thing up with lighter fluid:D)

Step 4: Add Logs and Enjoy


i know u love fire but <strong>Seriously</strong>,u have'nt <strong>invented</strong> fire.Have u?
I had not idea that i stated that i &quot;invented&quot; fire
i am a pyro i always carry home made firecrackers with me and lighter fluid xD
i has my zippo wit me 24/7
me too i have 3 zippos now
sweet i have 5
cool i find it a pain having to refil them cos i go through the fuel reaaly fast
shorten the wick my main zippo lasted half a month on one fill
Arr i must win!! My fire is sexy....:)
:O akward ** --
I'll bet having *** with fire will be unpleasant...<br/>
i know this is random- but fun - and dangerous - in my town there is this 2 mile sq. abanndoned brick factory. i took a 1 gal. milk jug and filled it with gas. put a fuse in it, light, and run like hell! it exploded with a 20 ft. radius.
AWSOME im gunna have to try that =D<br/>
these are his photo's
yes :D my fire!!!
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