How to Make a Fishing Lure With a Plastic Spoon





Introduction: How to Make a Fishing Lure With a Plastic Spoon

This ible is on how to make a working fishing lure with nothing but a plastic spoon and a couple of other things.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

 a drill and small bit,
1 plastic spoon,
2 slip loops,
1 hook,
1 swivel,
1 paint brush,
and a saw.

Step 2: Cutting the Spoon

 Cut off the neck of the plastic spoon leaving about a centameter from the spoon mouth piece. 

Step 3: Painting

 Try to imatate other lures when you paint. If the spoon is silver keep as much silver showing as posible this will reflect the light wich can lure fish in better.If you use a white plastic spoon you can try for more of the flashy colures like orang, yellow, and pink.

Step 4: Adding the Hook and Line Attachments

  Drill out the very front and very back of the lure add a slip loop to both sides ( Note that the neck end is the front and the spoon scoop is the front) put a swivel on the front and a hook on the back. Copy the pics.( the pics show beter detail)

Step 5: Finished



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    I'd prefer hooks like the one underneath, to put under lure's

    Gamakatsu Dreg TR 13ME Nikkel.jpg

    Ive been experimenting with these and found that running a line thru the drilled holes and putting a split ring for the treble hook and a swivel on the other end allows it to spin freely and puts tension on the line not the spoon when reeling in :)

    how to make a small spoon for fishing with their hands

    cool im going to have to do this.. right now

    I think your ible is very useful. Most of us know plastic spoons come in all weights and types of plastic. There are some that are even extremely flexible before they hit their breaking point. I like to fish and since I never get closer to any fish bigger than a pound this would be great for me. Plus I get to craft.
    Thanks for the idea, I will be trying it out.

    you know what cobalt potato head is mad he couldnt think of something him self. i never heared of rambow but if i do i will know it means rainbow trout the problem is self explanatory he didnt get that name for nothing

    Being a plastic spoon, I seriously doubt the plastic has enough strength to hold a fish. Given the size of your spoon that would be the case due to the size of the fish attracted to the spoon. If you used a stainless steel spoon instead, that would not only increase the strength but it would also add a silvery flash and enough weight to get it to sink and stay sunk while retrieving. Great idea though!

    actualy i landed a 3 pound rambow with another plastic spoon lure i made but if going after the larger fish i would go with a steel spoon. The plastic spoon gives a spining action that is good for the surface to reflect light. but if you put a 1oz on it it would be good for char fishing in fresh water lakes because of the vibrations of a woundes fish.

    What the heck's a "rambow"? Never heard of that kind of fish before.