This instructable will show you how I made a flamethower for very cheap and it only took me about 5 minutes to make! Warning: I'm not held responsoble for property damage or personal injuries caused by trying to make this!

Step 1: Materials You'll Need

Here is a list of the materials that I used. All of them I got from my house.

1. you'll need 1 Axe can
2. 1 Zippo lighter or any other lighter that will stay light by it's self
3. 2 screws that are fairly long, I used 2 torx screws out of my old xbox that didn't work anymore
4. 2 neft darts with the tips taken off or any other foam type thing
5. 1 rubber band
6. one more thing you'll need that's not in the picture is a knife of anything that can poke a hole

Step 2: Cutting the Holes in the Axe Can for the Screws

You need to cut 2 holes into the plastic part of the axe can, look at the picture. Oh ya and when you're cutting the holes don't cut them bigger than the screws because you need the screws to be able to grab.

Step 3: Putting the Screws In,the Darts On, and the Rubber Band

Since these 3 things arn't that hard to do I just took 1 picture. First you put in the srews. Second comes the darts, just slip them over the screws, Lastly the rubber band. With the rubber band you should double it up and put it around the ends of the screws

Step 4: Final Step Put in the Lighter

All there is to this step is to put the lighter in place. I put it in half way down the screws. You need to line up the flame with the line of spray that comes out. There it is so have fun and be carful!!!
My friends backpack caught on fire
this could blow up.......learnd the hard way when me and my friend were messing around with fire, the fire lit the can on fire, we threw it in to the water and BOOM! you put something to keep the flame from coming back
lol i use axe and a lighter to take out spiders and such :P mofos can see shoes comin but with this thing its like. whats tha-- AHHHHHH... then they are no more :3 jus make sure the flame doesnt reach the bottle and blow your face off :D
kiteman just said it won't blow up...whew makes me want to make this again. Can I use any flammable spray like bug spray or something?
Get something likke Isopropyl Alcohol (or similar). Put it in a misting bottle (and strong, non leaking one). Spray onto flame. The result is a short burst of very hot flame. I use it to take out wasps/flies, and it works first time every time.
yes but i wouldnt recommend most of those. The reason I say is because the spout goes straight up on many bottles. As long as the spout is horizontal it would be fine
VERY IMPORTANT question: I have a similar design, spray + lighter, only it is much smaller, maneuverable, and easier to operate and carry in a pocket. My concern however is safety. Can anyone tell me what are the chances of that spray blowing up in the user's hand ? My flame is somewhat closer than yours, like half an inch away from the nozzle exit, but does not get the plastic hot at any time. you could simplify the design a lot by just putting a spacer between the spray and lighter, and then duct taping them together, with the spacer making sure the flame won't burn the plastic. My design uses 2 jet lighters, with buttins facing forward so they can be operated by index finger, and the jet flame does not move with wind. One of the 2 lighters always fires, making sure it's ready when you need it, like dogs and bears attacking you and all that :) So please reply if you know about the safety issue. Thanks :)
You seen or done this yourself before, putting a can of axe or any or flammable supstance that is under pressure into a bon fire, the fire is extremly hot and it takes about give or take 20 to 30 seconds for it to blow up, but what im getting at is your not heating the can up because you said the flame doesn't touch the plastic nozzle like mine and I dont think a lighter could get the can hot enought for it to blow up, you would probably have to hold the lighter under the can for about 5 to 10 min. for it to blow, well that's my theory of your question and I hope it helps in some way -Double E
yes but another thing that can happen is the fire to decide to go backwords to the inside of the can blowing it up from the inside<br />
he is right. i have a friend who is in high school. someone was smoking in the restroom. he was using some axe to hide the smell. it got a little close to the cig and the can blew up in his hand. he had to go to the hospital. is that going to happen? if a cig can blow up a can im sure a lighter can. it is just safety im worried about<br />
Bullshit. The can cannot explode in your hand by being exposed to a flame, and the flame cannot go back into the can. The can is high pressure and outside the can is low pressure... it's not possible for the flame to go &quot;in&quot; the can, and even if it did then nothing would happen because there's no Oxygen in the can.
cigarette? that cant ignite aerosols.<br />
nope, not a good fuel to air ratio for ignition inside of the can<br />
actully I've had a can of tag a can of aerosal hairspray and a can of spray paint blow up on me so dont go saying that it cant happen<br />
explode with this instructable? i think not.&nbsp; exploding from other reasons not including spraying it through a flame im sure, you can drop one and they explode under certain conditions<br />
actully it was from holding a bic lighter infront and spraying a camp fire with it cuase it wasnt lighting<br />
I did something like this with a small aerosol can of axe, about a foot of thick wire and a birthday candle. You can change the can this way.
how long can u spray it? is it possible u can keep spraying without the fire possibly getting into the can?
the fire wont go into the can because of the compressed air and the pressure inside the can because of the compressed air and the pressure it is always trying to push the contents out
k thanks, cuz i just needed to know that cuz my friends are paranoid of it exploding in their hands
hav u actualy tried firing this? i dont want to get 3rd degree burns... i wud like 2 c a pic of u trying...
Yes if firing means making a flame come out then yes I have and what do u mean u would like to see a pic of me trying ,do you mean u want to see a pic with me using it instead of just my hand in the intro pic!
o oops i didnt realize... srry. thnx for th instructions!
Lol i have done this but like a simpler idea I just got a old zippo wick i had Drilled a hole in the lid Glued the wick to it held it infornt of the valve thing and Let the wick on fire !! the same but snmaller lol
Thanks I'm glad you like it, ya it did take some thought as you can see I like to mess with fire, so I got the idea of this so I wouldn't have to hold the ligher which gets hot after awhile, you no so the lighter wouldn't burn my fingers and there's also the part of the flame buring your hand if your holding onto it -Double E
a step up from the stupidity of other flamethrowers, this actually took some thought...I like it
Thank you <strong>lemonie</strong> and kiteman your right about that, but I don't think I have to worry about that because I set the Zippo at the point so the flame won't ever reach the plastic nozzle but you never no I could be wrong<br/>
For something that <em>sounds</em> moronic at face value this is actually quite a good build. <strong>Kiteman</strong> is right about the melting <em>but</em> the Zippo allows you the short bursts so you are able to avoid it.<br/>(I like it)<br/><br/>L<br/>
There is a myth that flamethrowers like this can explode.<br/><br/>What <em>is</em> a hazard is melting - keep the flame going too long, and the plastic nozzle can catch fire or melt, and the pressure in the can then pushes the valve out, releasing the can contents much more quickly into the already-burning gas.<br/><br/>That will cause a fireball, which is what people mistake for an explosion.<br/>

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