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In this instructable I will tell you how to make a flashdark. What is a flashdark, you may be asking. Well it's basically a flashlight, but instead it's a flashdark!

Step 1: MAterials

Picture of MAterials
What will I need to make a flashdark, you ask? Well can't you see the name of this step is called materials?
1. A flashlight that takes batteries.
2. Gypsie dust (optional).
3. Some sparkles (optional).
Schmidty163 years ago
you colored in ur pic i have same flash light
Schmidty163 years ago
lol so fake
shikaku4 years ago
I FOUND SOMETHING NEW! if you put one battery in the right way, and one in backwards, it's half light and half dark!
Gh{O}sT4 years ago
are you a wizard
are you a wizard.jpg
smheath6 years ago
Please don't do this. Aside from not turning your flashlight into a flashdark, putting the batteries in backwards will make them overheat and possibly explode.
On an incandescent flashlight it'll make no odds, however this does seem a bit... Ermm pointless...
spock155 (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
Well, if you think this is pointless, look up "fearme36" and click on the instructable that pops up :)
hey! ..well.. your right lol
Bwah ha ha. :D
spock155 (author)  smheath6 years ago
You liar! Geez, explosions only happen if you get tuberculosis on your spleen...
ewwwww, really?
I wouldn't test it out either way...
i dont think they will explode... leak acid that will eat away at your flesh maybe but not explode.
what a hilarious prank!
jeff-o smheath6 years ago
What?? If it's a regular flashlight then nothing will change. If it's an LED flashlight, well, let's hope it has reverse voltage protection, or you might blow up the LED.
me jeff-o6 years ago
you should do your homework dude, LED is an abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode, especially the diode part is important, because if you would reverse the polarity exactly nothing would happen, because the current flow is blocked
jeff-o me6 years ago
Up to a certain point, yes. But excess voltage through the diode (and especially high power diodes) will quickly damage them - their reverse voltage threshold is usually only 5V or less.
zuixro smheath6 years ago
No. No they won't. Flashlight bulbs will work in either polarity, but usually you but the negative end toward the end cap, the side with the spring.
spock155 (author)  zuixro6 years ago
Unless you're making a flashdark of course ;-)
zuixro zuixro6 years ago
Negative end of the battery that is.
spock155 (author)  smheath6 years ago
Um, are you ok? I've never heard of batteries exploding if you put them in backwards...
lol this was in a doctor seuse book not sure which one but it was . it was the one with the questions in it i believe
AustenQn6 years ago
it dosent work
that means you made it right
spock155 (author)  AustenQn6 years ago
You obviously made it wrong.
zoraxbrooks6 years ago
maybe if you did this thing to your car itle go up & down instead of forward & bacgwards!
That only happens when you put oil in the gas tank and gas in the oil place. don't forget to swap the hydrolic fluid with the windshield fluid. your welcome
spock155 (author)  zoraxbrooks6 years ago
I think it could work. But, considering the amount of time it took me to make the idea and figure out how the flashdark works, I am more than sure doing the same idea to a car would take years, maybe even centuries. Also, as you can see, people may think your car would explode or even blow up the engine. Many people would think it's fake. I wouldn't think it's fake, as anything is possible! (Just like Kevin Garnet!!!)
Haha I don't think so
now all we need is a device that, rather than casting a beam of dark, sucks up all the light, and replaces it entirely with dark! or perhaps a flood lamp version of the flash dark!

the possibilities are endless!
sam111826 years ago
Oh, did you invert the first picture? haha
spock155 (author)  sam111826 years ago
I don't get your joke :S
the first picture shown. it was a flashlight picture. you inverted it to make it look like it was shining dark. well, when i say that, i'm not trying to tell you what you did, it was just a comment
jon_murph6 years ago
ha ha ha
ive always wanted to invent a real one.
spock155 (author)  chicks dig me6 years ago
Just follow my ibble and you can make one!
i mean actually invent a working model. ive wanted to for years.
spock155 (author)  chicks dig me6 years ago
This is a step-by-step guide to building a working model...
but its a joke. i will try it if it will please you.
it didnt.
spock155 (author)  chicks dig me6 years ago
spock155 (author)  chicks dig me6 years ago
spock155 (author)  chicks dig me6 years ago
spock155 (author)  chicks dig me6 years ago
huh. i always thought mine would run on uranium er sumthin.
spock155 (author)  chicks dig me6 years ago
Try whatever. I mean anything is possible.
yeh, i suppose. i guess ill try any way
spock155 (author)  chicks dig me6 years ago
It should work.
B00M6 years ago
spock155 (author)  B00M6 years ago
KillerPanda6 years ago
you should work for NASA
spock155 (author)  KillerPanda6 years ago
-Shhh- I secretly do. Don't tell anyone not your momma not your poppa.
I knew it!
spock155 (author)  KillerPanda6 years ago
But you can't tell anyone.\
Atomman6 years ago
It DOES NOT WORK.. Why? The "dark" in the last image sooo looks fake. Make a real instructable, spock.
spock155 (author)  Atomman6 years ago
Are you being serious, or sarcastic? I can't tell. The internet isn't a great place to be sarcastic, or serious...
Turning the battery's the wrong way? seriously?
spock155 (author)  Atomman6 years ago
Yes, that is how to make a flashdark.
zoraxbrooks6 years ago
then if you do this type of thing to a watch would it rwind time?
spock155 (author)  zoraxbrooks6 years ago
Refer to my other comment to you, and change some of the words! Good luck.
sam111826 years ago
IT WORKS!!!!! OK, of course not, but i bet some of my friends will freak out (hehe)
spock155 (author)  sam111826 years ago
milamber6 years ago
ok i hope im wrong here and this is a joke but otherwise u a total nuter /moron /FOOL ok just to say it doesent create an absence of light it simple doesent and to the light also unsafe as bateries placed in the wrong way can somtimes explode
It's a joke
(not many people seem to get it though)

unknown246 years ago
the light looks fake. it looks like it's edited.. _ _ _!
my flashdark duzzint wurk
Exactly, an absence of light
spock155 (author)  justin_ransford6 years ago
Did you use your gypsie dust??? That's the most important ingrediant....
i hmmm, i find it hard to get hold of it.. . . . (i'm not that thick, i am humoring you)
spock155 (author)  mr.space6 years ago
Really, where do you live? It is commonly found in Cambodia... But, of course, I had mine imported to the U.S.A.
Chocobo12316 years ago
Don't you think thats a waste of time?
Maximil6 years ago
HAhahah good tutorial ROTFL!
Ok, some people are taking this a little too seriously, I think. It's funny. It's not a waste of space if it makes someone laugh. Awesome ible,
spock155 (author)  Infinity Plus One6 years ago
thanks :)
hey... finally... it's work just keep bang it to your head till you colapse it become dark then... oh... my vision become dark .... ....
spydog46 years ago
wtf? you just moved the batteries around complete waste of instructables.com storage
spock155 (author)  spydog46 years ago
You really have no idea at how advanced this technology I've showed you in this ible. is.
A.C.E.6 years ago
wow, not only does my flashlight now emit dark, it also allows me to TRAVEL at the speed of dark!! (i used a 45,000,000 candlepower high tech flashlight mounted to my truck. it literally turns day to night!!) lol jk dont post stuff like this.
spock155 (author)  A.C.E.6 years ago
Wait, what are you saying? I can post stuff like this... It's not against the rules...
what the..... ?????
spock155 (author)  unstructure_196 years ago
Erm, I'm confused ...
Trid6 years ago
This instructable makes me : |
spock155 (author)  Trid6 years ago
Me makes this instructable...
jonah8886 years ago
PS1186 years ago
DEDThis would be much more efficient with a DED array.
Cthulu6 years ago
Bwahhaha petty humans, now I can provide all of my minions with advanced weaponry and take over your world!
ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
serious results may vary as I'm reading the comments
ekulmeekul6 years ago
I tried this aswell and all it did was kill my sister and flicker a bit. I then tried it on my dog and it had no effect? could someone please tell me what imma doing wrong?... Oh, Dw i worked it out, all i had to do was add some food to my dogs bowl!
joat_mon_996 years ago
I have that exact same flashlight, already tried that, but all I got was a lame deathray.
hammerhead6 years ago
Inspired by this concept I reversed the polarity on the magnetron in my micro wave oven. Now my TV-dinners are all frozen!
spock155 (author)  hammerhead6 years ago
ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
hey.... wait a second.... mine like, flashed, and sent me back to 1964!!!
VogelYogel6 years ago
Pfft, this is completely rubbish. Everyone knows that if you put the batteries in backwards, time goes in the opposite direction!

Geez. If you put the lightbulb in backwards, then you get a flashdark.
yeah... that results may vary must mean that if you do this to most flashlights, you go back to 1964!
spock155 (author)  VogelYogel6 years ago
Hmmm, that's a thought... Maybe my flashlight was special...
fearme366 years ago
lol!!! i didn't read step three much, and i did take in the batteries... i started seeing things in negative form... long story short, i had my stomach pumped. :(
spock155 (author)  fearme366 years ago
Gypsyman6 years ago
this is awesome, i used my flash dark today it was crazy. I dont understand i bet none of these other people even tried it.
Rob K6 years ago
The Hell?