If your like me, you haven't really grasped the understanding of electronics and well in gaming terms, your a "N00B." OK, now that were done making fun of you, let us start our Instructable. This project is one of the most simplest projects out there and you are a shoe-in to finish this if you have all of the basic household items. With all of that being said, let us began!

Step 1: What You Need.....

There are a couple of basic household items you will need for this project:
-2 AA Batteries (1.5v)
-1 Piece of Wire (any will do)
-A small light bulb (again, any will do)
My machine doesn't seem to be working properly. I also read your troubleshooting section.
Wow This is pretty clever!
Thanks :)
Or... You could solder this all together... And maybe not use a thin cardboard casing. but instead plastic or metal...
Ha ha, I had exactly the same thing in mind, but sadly all of my solder is gone and my local DIY shop doesn't re-stock until next Wednesday. As for the plastic/metal casing, That's a great idea that I must have missed. I'll be sure to add your suggestions in my Next Steps portion.

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