Picture of How to make a flashlight
If your like me, you haven't really grasped the understanding of electronics and well in gaming terms, your a "N00B." OK, now that were done making fun of you, let us start our Instructable. This project is one of the most simplest projects out there and you are a shoe-in to finish this if you have all of the basic household items. With all of that being said, let us began!
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Step 1: What You Need.....

Picture of What You Need.....
There are a couple of basic household items you will need for this project:
-2 AA Batteries (1.5v)
-1 Piece of Wire (any will do)
-A small light bulb (again, any will do)

Step 2: Tape The Batteries Together

Picture of Tape The Batteries Together
Using your scissors, cut a piece of tape and tape and stick your two batteries together. Make sure that you tape them POSITIVE TO NEGATIVE. Use the image if you need any sort of reference. A good tip is to use a lot of tape when taping your batteries in order to assure that your connections are proper.

Step 3: Time To Add Some Light

Picture of Time To Add Some Light

Take your piece of wire and using your scissors, (or wire cutters) and strip both ends of it. Take one end of your wire and tape to the NEGATIVE end of the battery. Take the other end of the wire and tape it onto the side of the light bulb. Be sure that the tip of the stripped end of the wire is touching the side of the light bulb or it will not work.

Step 4: The Final Step

Picture of The Final Step

Finally, take your light bulb and tape it onto the POSITIVE END OF THE BATTERY!

Step 5: Smile!

Picture of Smile!
Smile, you did it. Now in order to turn your flashlight on, you must make sure the light bulb is touching the battery. If your flashlight still does not turn on, try pressing down on the wire connected to the side of the light bulb while keeping the light bulb at the end of the battery.
My machine doesn't seem to be working properly. I also read your troubleshooting section.
Wow This is pretty clever!
solarblade90 (author)  thebutthead123455 years ago
Thanks :)
Or... You could solder this all together... And maybe not use a thin cardboard casing. but instead plastic or metal...
solarblade90 (author)  jaketheman9875 years ago
Ha ha, I had exactly the same thing in mind, but sadly all of my solder is gone and my local DIY shop doesn't re-stock until next Wednesday. As for the plastic/metal casing, That's a great idea that I must have missed. I'll be sure to add your suggestions in my Next Steps portion.