How to Make a Flashlight on a Small Frisbee


Introduction: How to Make a Flashlight on a Small Frisbee

This is a mini frisbee flashlight. just throw it around in the dark. You can carry it around in your pocket and take it anywhere with you.

Step 1: Materials

-small frisbee
-3 small, round batteries

Step 2: LEDs, the Small Frisbee and the Battery

on the small frisbee, put three LEDs any color you want around the edge of the frisbee. Attach the battery to each LED. Then tape the batteries and the LEDs to the frisbee.

Step 3: Have Fun With It

Your done! Now throw it around and have fun.



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    Hi, it's not LED in picture, and it allso not work in that way. Sorry.

    My brother did this! He is new to this website.