I have seen all kinds of different ways to make pom-poms. This is how I make mine when I need a specific size. I usually use my hand to make a pom-pom. But no not today, folks. Here is want you will need, Scissor, yarn( the thicker the yarn the thicker the pom-pom) manila folder (or thicker paper) something to measure with and a pencil.

Step 1: Mark the Card

I measured five inches in height  and three inches wide. So that gave me a 3 by 5 card. The pom-pom will be three inches once done. You can choose the width of the card to make any size pom-pom. The length is just something to hold on to when wrapping the yarn. Just play around with the measurements until they fit you. Just be sure to mark to center point on both lengths   I also marked the center point in between the three inches at 1.5 and the five inches at 2.5.

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