Step 7: Mount dipoles and mount transformer

Picture of Mount dipoles and mount transformer
Place and screw down each of your fractals to the corner screws.

Attach the impedance matching transformer across the two center screws and tighten them down.

BUILD COMPLETE! Test and enjoy!
jschwab4 years ago
This antenna works great. Also, you can mount this to a circuit board, or just some cardboard and place it inside of the project box for a cleaner concealed look.

This works as good or better than the $50 clearstream micron i purchased from best buy.

I am also interested in more iterations on the fractal design, but i cant imagine id be able to tell the difference as i already get 50+ channels with this. if only 40 of them werent in foreign languages. :)
George35734 years ago
I am truly pleased with the design. Would you think that there would be much of a modification needed so as to be able to build one for a Wifi for computer Use?
Do you think that you might consider this Idea for the future?
Thank You. Nice project.
econtrerasd5 years ago
Would it work if you etched the design on a cooper board?, That way you could create a complex fractal easily.
laborracha5 years ago
 not criticizing the design, just the use of the word fractal.
laborracha5 years ago
laborracha5 years ago
Not to nitpick, but I'm not sure those are technically fractals without one more level of self similar repeating scale. Without that next level you may not get the benefit of fractal antennas, which is the ability to pick up different frequencies. 
williamruckman (author)  laborracha5 years ago
Yes, it would be best to go one more iteration. This is the first and initial build. I found that it worked great, so I shared it for everyone else to experiment with as well. But anymore iterations than one more, then you don't see too much more gain.
KC0GRN6 years ago
Interesting Antenna design, I'm going to have to experiment with it to see if I can create one that will maximise my tv reception. Thanks for the idea!!!