Have you ever tried to use a bicycle chain to secure your wallet to yourself and found it frustrating and cumbersome
 due to the fact that that it does not bend freely in all directions....   If you do as listed in this instructable
 you can make a free flowing bicycle chain wallet chain....  I have been using one of these for the last 10yrs and have loved
 it....   It is one of a kind so far....   I have deceided to pass this on to all the other bicycle lovers out there....   Have fun and enjoy....
  I did this at The Tech Shop in San Jose Ca,

Gabriel Aceves

Step 1: Step... One. Supplies and Tools

You do not need very much stuff to do this build....  One 12inch length of bicycle chain...   I got mine from my neighborhood bicycle
 shop for free by using a chain that they had pulled off to replace  with a new one....  Two 1 inch key rings from the local hardware
store...   Two pairs of pliars,   I think vise grip are the best for this....When you cut you chain Your should have the ends look like in the
picture above...  I also asked my local bicycle shop break the chain into 12 inch lengths...   You also would probaly
 like to clean the chain before you do any of the work...   I used WD40 followed by an alcohol bath...
<br> <br> Is it ok if I use whiskey for my alcohol bath. Preferably Jack Daniels as I tried Tequila but almost died from the fumes alone (ok so I drank some as well). <br> Vodka is an idea, I dont think I should go there though as I am trying to clean right? I get a little violent on Vodka so it would defeat the purpose if I got clean and destroyed everything... <br> <br> As for the WD40 I dont think anyone should use this as it is a gateway water Dispersant . Oh it will tell you that it is a lubricating oil and itll whisper thinhs like I remove rust and I can lube your rusty parts but it is lying to you. Yes it will work once in a while (just enough to keep you around) until one day it fails you and then God forbid you are out looking for something stronger. Yeah you'll start doing the Liquid Wrench and/or PBblaster sneaking a little Kroil here and there. <br> <br>The worst part is when you are broke or need something fast you lower yourself to using brake fluid. I know you are saying 'it wont happen to me' because I said that too. but it will happen if you keep using. <br> Anyways good luck. I am off to slip into my alcohol bath (Im gonna try Absinthe tonight. A few candles .....ahhhhhhhh <br> <br>Have a great life
very interisting idea, and a unique way to go about it. and by the way, untill is spelled with a u, not an i...
untill is spelled until. Don't nit pick.
Will we just bend it to one side until the end or alternate sides after making a 90 deg bend?
Just keep going in one direction through the<br>Whole chain ... I think you could alternate between<br> Directions though and get a different pattern.<br>That could be neat looking... thanks...
Yes!!!! I have been waiting for these I can only make a bracelet out old chain now this will go with my soda tab chain. thanks!!!!

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