Well, this morning (2.23.08) and yesterday (2.22.08), I was trying to solder something, but I didn't have a helping hands, so I made this this morning. (2.23.08)

It works GREAT for me, usually no problems.

VERY easy to make, basically free, all you need is less than 10 seconds (unless.... look at next step) of your life.

I hope you like it!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials.

Get your simple and free materials.

  • Box. Any size, big or small.
  • 10 or less (or maybe more unless you have problem finding a box.) seconds of your life.
  • Something to poke holes with.

What you don't need.

  • Vacuum cleaner.
  • 3 oranges.
  • Video camera.

After that, move on!
but i like oranges!
You wouldn't happen to watch homestar runner do you? XD
Strongbad rocks, dude. Trogdor!
Lol. Cheat commandos, ROCK ROCK ON!
Well...unlike the other lamoids...I find amusment in your randomness...it reminds me of...well...me... -- I don't have ADD, I just think faster than you.
Dude, If you have that many solder blobs dropping then you are feeding WAY too much solder, therefore over heating the joint and promoting future failures. Also lead is toxic and these splashes put small amounts of lead dust in the air that you breath. It may be small but how many solders have you done (100-1000 -10,000), the effect is cumulative. I do like the tool tip, very frugal and it works.
I know. I wasn't feeding too much solder, I wanted to see what would happen. :P<br/><br/><sub>Good thing I'm not dead.</sub><br/>
I used to collect the best looking splats from my first job, lol. Not due to over feed, but our solder tip was old so some solder would build up on it as you went along. Just tapped it on the desk. Used to have a splat looked like Scooby Doo. Ahhh, sometimes I miss being a kid. (Even if I was a dork.)
i like the randomness lol-- THE PEN IS WATCHING >:O
oh and no carpet(ANYMORE)!? what happened to the old carpet? burned it off mabe?
Quick tip: Instead of putting "free, cheap" in the title of something, try something that's not somewhat contradictory to an extent. Try using "Cheap as Free."
You put WAY to many yellow boxes. Most of them dont have to do with the instructable. 1 outof 5 stars
I think that it was just so people don't post comments asking about what something was, wasting the comments area like your post and mine. Quick tip: learn the differences between to, too and two. Quick tip: there's an apostrophe ( ' ) in don't. Quick tip: outof is not a word without a space between out & of.
i dont see any hands in this instructables except for yours...
This is crap. For one, the cardboard could burn, second, there were too many tiny little boxes that were totally unrelated. 0 stars.
you really like putting those little yelow boxes in your pictures on random stuff.... simple and cool, though
great idea. Whats with the lego head? lol.
what is the music player? nice idea, really! i love it! -gamer +1
Music player?
step 6 second pic
It's a dynex speaker
I save styrofoam packing for same purpose. Put a sheet of aluminum foil over it and just poke in whatever I need held steady.
Awesome idea! This makes for a pretty cool impromptu helping hands. I also love the LED Lego guys, please post the 'Ible soon!
hey nice idea but with all the resistors and the capacitors?
Hey, I have that same dynex speaker. Also, cool instructble! Very easy!
Dynex speaker?
That Mp3 music player thing, it is the guts from a Dynex Ipod Speaker.
Oh yeah. How did you know?! :-O
Because, I took mine apart to get the female USB ports. And I remember what the insides look like.
nice instructable ummm stupid q were do i rate!!!!!
Hahaha. It's at where the "stats" are. On the right side. Of this page. There is a plus. With numbers. :-O
Nice job. All of your instructables are awesome!
nice instructable! you deserve a one-up rating for all your great ratings and comments and especially the instructable. good work, gorillazmiko
Nice quick trick, GM.<br/><br/>Working your way up to a big 'ible? <em>;-)<strong></strong></em><br/>
Nice job Michael! I am still waiting for the Instructables robot...
It got canceled. Read my new forum... :-(<br/><br/><sub>It might be posted in the future.</sub><br/>
Cancelled!!! I was hoping that would arrive soon!!!!

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