Friends can be made in many different ways.

Step 1: You Can Make a Friend in Different Ways, Sometimes by Chance.

You can make a friend in different ways, sometimes by chance.

Step 2: Be a Good Samaritan, Give the Orange Back.

Be a good Samaritan, give the orange back.

Step 3: Hey, There's That Person Again, Properly Introduce Yourself.

Hey, there's that person again, properly introduce yourself.

Step 4: When You See Each Other in Passing, Say WHAT'S UP?, Its a Great Way to Make Conversation.

When you see each other in passing, say WHAT'S UP?, its a great way to make conversation.

Step 5: Talk. Get to Know Each Other, You Might Have Things in Common.

Talk. Get to know each other, you might have things in common.

Step 6: Hang Out.

Hang out.

Step 7: As Time Goes by a Friendship Blossoms.

As time goes by a friendship blossoms.

Step 8: And It Continues....

and it continues....

Step 9: Take Pictures Together to Put on Your Myspace.

Take pictures together to put on your myspace.

Step 10: You're a Great Friend.

You're a great friend.
Friendship AKA Magic.
My last comment was a JUST KIDDING! You look like great friends!
...i agree with aburame....who'd want to be friends with a fat chick?
1. Say 'hello' 2. Get to know each other 3. ??? 4. YOU DID IT!
<strong>THIS IS A JOKE. If YOU GET OFFENDED EASILY, DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING!</strong><br/><br/>Who'd want to make friends with a fat chick?<br/>
LOL? how come my how to make a friend didnt get posted? lol oh well, nice iBle
I think my favorite part of this whole thing is down at the bottom under &quot;Related&quot; : <strong>&quot;Knex Assault Rifle p90&quot;''<em><strong></strong></em></strong><br/> Its a great way to make friends!<br/>P.S: Awesome Instructable!<br/>-Gigman<br/>
I *love* your image frames- the vignetted bits of photo and the smiley faces leaning together, it's unspeakably cute. <br/> Actually, all the &quot;how to make a friend&quot; instructables I've seen so far are unspeakably cute. I wonder why?<br/>
I'll fix that, I'm going to make friends of unspeakable horror... Will you be my friend, creature of inconcievable stench, and you man that creaks to communicate...

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