Introduction: How to Make a Friend

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Did you lose all of your friends, re-locate to an area where you have no local friends, or just never had friends in the first place? If so, you are in the right place! I will be showing you the simplest way to make a new friend!

Step 1: Disclaimer

Your new friend will listen to all of your problems, stories, or anything you want to tell them, but they may not respond. If your new friend does not respond to your questions, this is normal behavior and they should not be brought to a hospital.

Step 2: Materials Needed

What you will need to make a new friend: Junk Mail, Scissors, Crayons or Markers, A Sense of Humor.

Step 3: Find Some Junk Mail

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Everyone gets junk mail just about everyday. If you don't have any laying around, check your mailbox. You will probably find some in there, but if not you can use any other type of letter or bill.

Step 4: Open the Mail

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Open the envelope without damaging the contents inside. The letter inside will be the most important part of making a great friend.

Step 5: Draw!

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Draw the outline of a person on the back of a piece a paper retrieved from the envelope. You can draw them any way you like: tall, short, thin, fat, a big head, maybe even one leg longer than the other. Remember, this is your chance to play God.

Step 6: Cut

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Cut along the lines you drew in the last step. Be very careful, this step can be very dangerous, if it is not done with extreme caution.

Step 7: Color (dress)

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Color some clothes onto your new friend, Then, draw on some facial features. I like mine to be smiling, but your friend's appearance is strictly based on your own opinion.

Step 8: Start a New Friendship

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Tell your new friend what you like most about him or her, play hide and seek, and tell him/her your darkest secret! Don't worry, your secret is safe with your new friend. Have fun :)


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