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Friends are an important part of life, won't you agree? But some people may be a bit unclear or nervous when it comes to making friends. But I am sure that if you follow this Instructable, you will have tons of friends!
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Step 1: Choose your friend

Choosing a friend is not very difficult. You just need to find someone that:

-Is kind to people.
-Is honest.
-Looks friendly.
-Does not boast.
-Has alot of friends.

These are all signs of a good friend.

Step 2: DON'Ts

Picture of DON'Ts
Here are some DON'Ts in making friends:

-Don't run up and ask to be a friend to someone you've never seen before.
-Don't be an annoyance the first time you meet the person.
-Don't only talk about yourself.
-Don't be rude in any way.
-Don't get too close to the person.
-Don't try to be cool if you're not.

These are what most people dislike.

Step 3: What you should do

Picture of What you should do
These are what you SHOULD do:

-Kindly introduce yourself to the person.
-Tell him/her about yourself, and ask about him/her.
-Be yourself when you are meeting the person.
-Show respect when the person is talking to you.
-Be friendly at all times.
-Show that you want to be his/her friend (not using words).

These are what will make a friend.

Step 4: Notice

Picture of Notice
Try to notice if this person is getting more confortable around you. This means that he/she won't have a problem with you standing right next to him/her. You will notice that the person greets you kindly every day. Now is the time that you can start feeling like a true friend. It is one of the best feelings ever.

Step 5: Make a friend

Try hanging out with him/her so that he/she feels like a good friend. He/She will want to hang out with you more and have conversations with you. Try talking about movies you saw, or what you did over summer. This will keep your friendship going. Ask the person for their e-mail address so that you can chat online too.
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Carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, sodium, magnesium, a philosopher's stone, and the proper transmutation circle
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I already have tons of friends wait, I mean one friend who weights a ton
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who you and yourself
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cute doggies!
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Very good instructable for someone like me, because I dont have much friends....! (Only 2 friends up to this moment) Yes believe me.
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I like mean friends that juxtapose my generosity.
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