Picture of How to make a friendship bracelet or keychain
I noticed that there is no instructable on a classic friendship bracelet. So, here ya go.

This is the simple striped pattern, and these could get far more complicated, but i don't know how to do those. =P

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
All you need is

For bracelet:
embroidery floss or yarn.

for a key ring:
key ring
key chain to put it on
rbeforee3 years ago
Thanks for the great pics. They are very helpful. 'Don't sell yourself short "kid" ;) You take very professional pics.
i make a lot of these except i use embroidery string. i can also make 1 that looks like a v. it is almost the same thing. i will make an instructible on it soon=)
i really want to learn how to do the V one. will someone pleaseeee help me!
what would you like help to do?  what about the V dont you get?
i will put it on soon. i just have to figure out how to make an 'ible
whatcaniuse5 years ago
this is a pretty good bracelet.  You said that ur not an expert but it is pretty good.  I enjoy making them as well.  Should i make an instructables?  what bracelet type should i make?  unfortunately, there are millions of my creations lol.  I like to sell them at school.  It is a nice hobby.
ninjacow2586 years ago
Nice. My friend bought one like that but it wasn't finished, so she's trying to finish it off. Well...she never quite made it. Cool bracelet though.
i already knew how to do this
Wow, that looks really nice, I might do this with all the yarn I have.
w00ty32 (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
ya, my grandma came here and bought 2 big rolls of yarn and used them for a small project. then I inherited the rest ofe the rolls, and i had to figure out a way to use em. post a pic though please, if you do make one.
gmjhowe7 years ago
Well done, the final effect is much better than i expected!
duck-lemon7 years ago
w00ty32 (author)  duck-lemon7 years ago
thanks. the internetz introduced me to this interesting little craft