I noticed that there is no instructable on a classic friendship bracelet. So, here ya go.

This is the simple striped pattern, and these could get far more complicated, but i don't know how to do those. =P

Step 1: Materials

All you need is

For bracelet:
embroidery floss or yarn.

for a key ring:
key ring
key chain to put it on
Thanks for the great pics. They are very helpful. 'Don't sell yourself short "kid" ;) You take very professional pics.
i make a lot of these except i use embroidery string. i can also make 1 that looks like a v. it is almost the same thing. i will make an instructible on it soon=)<br/>
i really want to learn how to do the V one. will someone pleaseeee help me!
what would you like help to do?&nbsp; what about the V dont you get?
i will put it on soon. i just have to figure out how to make an 'ible
this is a pretty good bracelet. &nbsp;You said that ur not an expert but it is pretty good.&nbsp; I enjoy making them as well. &nbsp;Should i make an instructables?&nbsp; what bracelet type should i make?&nbsp; unfortunately, there are millions of my creations lol. &nbsp;I like to sell them at school.&nbsp; It is a nice hobby.
Nice. My friend bought one like that but it wasn't finished, so she's trying to finish it off. Well...she never quite made it. Cool bracelet though.
i already knew how to do this
Wow, that looks really nice, I might do this with all the yarn I have.
ya, my grandma came here and bought 2 big rolls of yarn and used them for a small project. then I inherited the rest ofe the rolls, and i had to figure out a way to use em. post a pic though please, if you do make one.
Well done, the final effect is much better than i expected!
thanks. the internetz introduced me to this interesting little craft

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