Hello today I am going to make  fuse.  A fuse is a basic invention. It breaks a circuit that overheats.  You will need a few materials for this instructable.

1.  very thin wires
2.  batteries
3.  Battery compartment for easier use
4.  If you want to blow a fuse you can take the steps on how to destroy a led as a fuse

Step 1:

The first thing to do is to put the batteries into the battery compartment.  Remember to put the on off switch on.

Step 2:

Next put the extra thin wire in the middle of the the positive and negative wires.  If the wire is thin enough it will melt breaking the circuit.  The thin wire was the hardest thing I had to find.  A steel wool strand might do for it.

Step 3: Burning a Bulb

I will now tell the process of how to burn a bulb.  It is quite easy all you have to do is make a circuit with a bulb.  Attach the negative wire to the led bulb attach the positive wire to some steel wool.  and attach one wire between completing the circuit.  If the circuit works either the steel wool strand or the led should break the circuit.  WARNING circuit becomes very hot!

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