Picture of How to make a fuse.
This is an easy fuse to make. It burns really slow, like 5mm per sec.
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Step 1: Stuff you need.

To make this you need:
Potassium nitrate (can be made explain later)
Potassium clorate (can be made explain later)
Powdered coal ( Can be made by crushing coal)

sorry no pic for this step.

Step 2: Making the liquid

Picture of making the liquid
Follow this recipe
Potassium Chlorate 33 parts, Potassium Nitrate 33 parts, Sugar 24 parts, Powdered Coal 10 parts.

Make sure the coal is fine enough to go though a seive. mix it all together in a glass or beaker or a container. slowly add water until you have a thick liquid.

Step 3: Coat the string.

Picture of Coat the string.
The title says it all. get the sring and heavly coat the string then wipe off excess with fingers.

Step 4: Make the stuff! (optional).

Picture of Make the stuff! (optional).
To make potassium nitrate add methanol to ammonium nitrate
(fertilizer) to make nitric acid and add anything with potassium in it.
to make potassium clorate go to it is to long to write.


Ok I forgot to put this in before.
If you don't put enough water in the compund will turn into a stiff putty and dry. If that happens it is supposed to explode. I am not responsible for any injurys/deaths caused by misuse not following instructions or anything else.

I got this from a different site but their instuctions say how to make an explosive not a fuse. I don't know weather it will explode if it drys or not.
NAHID NIAZ4 months ago
EthanS2 what is pn?
EthanS25 months ago

i made a fuse easyer with just string PN, sugar and water! :D

brookech (author) 2 years ago
Hi to everyone. I'm sorry about the lack of detail and background chemistry. when i wrote this instructable i was still at high school and i was young and naive. all i wanted to do was write something and share what i did as i had been reading great instuctables and frankly i was a bit jealous. Anyway i am at university now and i realize that this is quite an amateur instructable with lots of useless information and potential dangerous so i apologize and the next time i write an instuctable it will be researched and backed up with fact so that there is no risk of anyone coping me and getting hurt.

once again sorry for the bad post
jhumm154 years ago
If you use only potassium chlorate or only potassium nitrate with just the sugar and some hot water it will only burn at approx. 3.5 inches per minute depending on how you mix it.
recommended mix is:
1 part potassium chlorate
1 part granulated table sugar by weight
then 2 parts hot water.
should come out to a thickish paste like elmers glue
clzfishing4 years ago
Isn't it easier to just take a string and rub wet sparkler powder on it
wow just imagine if you added this stuff to napalm!
hmm well this is quite a silly way to make a fuse. considering mixing potassium chlorate and charcoal = H3 which is highly explosive..i suggest just making black match but if you are willing to risk making an well hell, go for your life :)
It can't explode spontaneously. KClO3 (potassium chlorate [spelling!]) in a mixture of some form of carbon is known as H3 and is only sensitive. Being that you add KNO3 (potassium nitrate), there is added oxygen for combustion with the sensitivity of KClO3. This is a horrible idea. Please don't post something like this again. Just mixing methanol with ammonium nitrate (WON'T make Nitric Acid; if you think otherwise, try to make an equation!) is a bad idea because mixing chemicals without knowing chemistry or anything about what could happen is stupid enough. I'm sorry to get on your case brookech but if you can't: A) Throughly explain such instructions; B) explain backgrounds of the chemistry, then you would be better off just not putting up an instructable like so. Thank you, Brent
I agree with cobrasniper, AN + Metho does not make nitric acid!
CH3OH (methanol) + NH4NO3 (Ammonium Nitrate) =
Little or not reaction, methanol is stable and AN decomposes...
Can anyone find the reaction?
TMan03146 years ago
the best fuse is just unroll a cotton ball and twist it real thin then light it.
it wont explode in the sense your thinking. it will just poof like a small pile of gun powder. theres no pressure build up therefore there cant be a harmful explosion. unless of course you put your face directly over the compound while its rapidly burning ("exploding")
to get an explosion u nead a sealed container and it probably wouldent spontaniously combust inless it was out in the sun
brookech (author)  MadMechanicMike7 years ago
It just said it would explode on the site. just a warning cause I didn't know whether it would or not.
Umm, adding methanol to ammonium nitrate is just going to give you nasty gunk . You need concentrated sulfuric acid. I was gonna add how, but then realized, oh crap, 90% of people trying to do that would kill themselves because it involves lots of toxic gas and acid spatter. If you really want to, look it up on the internet. lawl methanol....who comes up with this stuff?
brookech (author)  DeusXMachina7 years ago
who are you talking to? and what are you talking about?
step 4:Make the stuff! (optional).
To make potassium nitrate add methanol to ammonium nitrate
(fertilizer) to make nitric acid and add anything with potassium in it.

I'm not saying it to anyone in particular just anyone who might try it. No point in wasting methanol and/or NH4NO3 and time.
brookech (author)  DeusXMachina7 years ago
sorry I thought you were talking to someone else. I just found how to make it on some site because I used the real potassium nitrate.
PyroFun7 years ago
your fuse seems like it would work very effectively, it uses too many things in my opinion though, could make a good fuse with half that stuff
brookech (author)  PyroFun7 years ago
it works very well. thanks
tech-king7 years ago
if it explodes after it dries into a paste, what stops it from drying and exploding on the string??
brookech (author)  tech-king7 years ago
Well I don't know but the paste I made was meant to be an explosive but it was to wet. I cooked it and cooked it and let it dry but it seems to be impossible to make it dry with to much water.
cool, i love making fuse! Also to make it waterproof you could add dextrin, white glue, or hair spray the wire when its done drying (or you could do all thos things lol)
alya7 years ago
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uguy alya7 years ago
what video? flagged
You seem to be speaking off topic here. And to no surprise you've mentioned www.s* Just like you have in all your comments you have made so far. Nice Instructable brookech