How to make a gauntlet armor tutorial

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video How to make a gauntlet armor tutorial
This is a gauntlet I made as a film prop for a book trailer (same as a movie trailer) for one of my books. It's fully functional and wearable, and made of brass.
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i was wondering if i could buy the finished product instead of just the template

jofs62801 year ago
i made 1 for my self and its great to have 1 of your ideas
i can't find the template. when i open it it says "404 error: page not found". is there any way to get this without paying? like a survey or something? thanks :)
abendowski1 year ago
Wouldn't happen to have the paper template designs available would you?
Wow. I made a gauntlet last year (broken now, need to replace a rivet), but it didn't have fingers, and its not shiny.
turtledrake2 years ago
I love you.
awirtes2 years ago
After watching this amazing video I decided to look you up online and here I am. Anyway, I tried using the link you provided here in a response to a comment and it's giving me a "404 (Page can not be found) error" instead of the free pdf download. I just thought I'd let you know. I still really want to see that pdf myself if you are still giving it out for free.
how do you attach it to the glove
how to sound extremely depressing and monotone tutorial.
when you wore the paper version i bet it felt like when iron man wore the holographic suit
so we meet again iron man
putzy162 years ago
So I'm having problems fitting the finger pieces in the paper model any tips on how to fit the fingers in paper. Also I'm using 110 card stock. Any tips are welcome.
cobourgdave2 years ago
Congratulations on your win! Your tutorial was great as was the result. I am in awe of your craftsmanship. I have never worked sheet metal beyond high school level. You have shown me what I am missing. Many thanks
Is there any way you can put up a short video on how you assembled the finger pieces and how you connected them to the rest of the gauntlet? this would be incredibly helpful.
sandrat673 years ago
what was the length of the rivets that you used were I can get them they sell them by size and length as in a kit or in lots of 1000 but the lots have the size like as in small and large they go by length in the kits and small bags
This Gauntlet is just so incredibly awesome. You sir are awesome.
i made one of these for a school project and it was awesome!!!! aluminium instead of brass though. i was think of copper highlights for the knuckles but i ran out of time...
AWESOME!!!! This will help so much with several costumes I wanna do, especially since the design is so easily modified. HUGE HUGE THANK YOU
How much sheet metal did it take for the entire gauntlet? I'm trying to figure out how much to order.
madpharmy3 years ago
I had read from another tutorial that instead of making a jig to bend the pieces you can just use a lead block, hammer your pipe into the lead and theres your jig
sandrat673 years ago
how big was the rivet you used l wolud like know that can you let me know
LuciferJr3 years ago
Thank you so much! I looked forever to find a cool tutorial for this. I will defiantly use this when i build my armor. One question though, I am making this out of 2 liter bottle plastic (I am entering a recycled art contest) and i cant figure out how to do the articulation and rivets, do you have any ideas?
use those little brass tabs like what little kids use in art projects to make joints in paper
ok i gotta get to town to do i tho this might be a while but thanks
completely awesome. you must have tons of fun lol
myakka3 years ago
your doing this for runefest arent u
skimmo3 years ago
i have quite large hands how do i scale it up
pfred2 skimmo3 years ago
It begs the question though of just exactly why do you need metal gauntlets?
lordguyton (author)  pfred23 years ago
It is a film prop for a short film to promote one of my books.
You're "skimmo" too? Would that be short for schizophrenic? I know why you can use one, I've got this whole reading thing down pretty good now. I wondered why they did. But if you're them then that explains much ... or not.
lordguyton (author)  skimmo3 years ago
When tracing out the template pieces just draw an additional 1/4 inch or whatever around the pieces. The template parts are not EXACT, so you'll have some play in it. Just trace them bigger and assemble it in paper first to check for size and fit. If you need to make changes, make them in paper before committing to metal.
that makes a lot of sense thanks
bengel13 years ago
looks nice, just one thing, it's very dangerous to grind bronze or brass on a stone grinding wheel, the metal can melt into the wheel actually explode after cooling, I've only seen this happen once to a smith where I live, but he said that's why. if you use a sander it works just as well
awesome mate looks amazing
kingspeget3 years ago
The PDF pattern you posted doesn't seem to be the same one you used. When you display all the parts, it looks like the Wrist 1 and 2 pieces are quite different.
lordguyton (author)  kingspeget3 years ago
The parts you see on display in the video had to be modified as I built the gauntlet. I designed it all as I went, and I had to make changes in order for each part to properly work with each part next to it. The PDF template parts are pretty close to the final shape of the parts, however they are not perfect and you will have to do a lot of fitting and bending and grinding to get your parts to work perfectly.
Cthulu3 years ago
lordguyton (author)  Cthulu3 years ago
thank you!
poofrabbit3 years ago
I'm so excited you are in the finals for the makerbox!! I have watched your video several times in awe!
lordguyton (author)  poofrabbit3 years ago
Why thank you! Glad you enjoyed the video
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