The relatively new sport of Geocaching involves using a GPS to locate a hidden container (a cache), and signing the log book inside. Sounds simple, right? Wrong.
It isn't as simple as going to the location, and signing the log book - it's often very difficult finding the cache, and even getting to the location.
Geocaching is a fun way to see things that you normally wouldn't. For instance, one geocache might take you into a spot that you otherwise wouldn't visit, and see things that you wouldn't normally see. Geocaches can be educational or just for fun.
Geocaches are hidden by members of geocaching.com, which is free to sign up and use, and maintained by them.
There are different types of Geocaches:
- Traditional - This type of cache is just a cache.
- Multi - This type of cache is made up of more than one cache. For instance, you might go to the first cache, and it gives you co-ordinates for the second.
- Mystery - This cache could consist of a puzzle. The co-ordinates are obtained by solving it.
There are also a few more types, but these are the main ones.

Some of the fun in Geocaching comes simply from finding the cache and signing the log book. Other parts involve swapping items with the items in the geocache. Sometimes the cache itself is quite funny.

This instructable will teach you how to make a geocache.

Step 1: Get an Account

Unless you already have one. Go to the Geocaching.com sign up page and fill in the form. It's free!
If you have one, sign in.
<p>My husband and I have to go back and get the coordinates. We received a geocache kit from my daughter. Included was a QR CODE. How do we activate that?</p>
<p>As a relatively new player the screen shots look odd as they must be for an old incarnation of the geocaching.com site. I was wondering if you could also include a little more detail in the stage describing how you come up with the correct coordinates (taking 3 readings, averaging out etc.) so you are sure of the accuracy. Thanks for the visual primer.</p>
interesting. I spent about an entirely hour after i read your instructable reading about geocaching. Thanks for introducing me to the theme. Very nice indeed
hmmm... iv been looking for an instructable for geocashing! yay! thx :D
WOW! I love geocaching.
Nice i'ble!<br /> I've been geocaching for ages, but I haven't got around to making one yet
this is easly found and easly muggled<br />
Hey, I placed it higher in the tree.&nbsp;Someone moved it down, and Iremoved some camoflauge to make it seeable for the instructable. Moreso, this tree is in such a position that it can only be seen from oneangle. I'm sure you have a similar cache.

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