How to Make a Ghetto Latte!





Introduction: How to Make a Ghetto Latte!

When I get up with a hangover and my living room is already 80 plus degrees, the last thing I want is hot coffee. So, what are my options? Being the vampire that I am, there is no way I'm out into the sun to the local coffee joint. As the cliche' goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Here is my take on the notorious latte.

This is a simple way to make a home brewed ghetto latte, using fresh coffee, milk, sugar, ice and a martini shaker. Enjoy!

Step 1: Brew the a Fresh Pot of Coffee

Like I said, brew a fresh pot of coffee. Mmmm...enjoy the smell....

Step 2: Put Ice Into the Martini Shaker

Grab the cool cubes and drop them into the martini shaker, stacking them almost to the top...

Step 3: Add a Little Sugar and Lot of Coffee

I use just a tablespoon of sugar and lots of coffee! I usually do about a 70-30 ratio. 70% coffee, 30% milk.

Step 4: Add Milk

Finish of the mix by filling the martini shaker up to the top with milk.


Shake it up! Keep shaking until the martini shaker is really really cold! Make sure you have enough ice in there!

Notice my shaking technique: I have a finger on the lid. Trust me, when you make enough martini's, it's best to keep the contents in the shaker and not have it spray out because of a cap that shot across the room into a hot chicks eyeball.

Step 6: Enjoy!

That's it! Now enjoy your ghetto latte and rid yourself of that nasty martini hang over from the night before. Now you'll be ready for another night of debauchery!!! Cheers!



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    I think this might technically be an iced ole since its made with coffee not espresso.....

    So I did not know that hot chicks are still there in the morning, in the ghetto. Interesting. It sounds like you have it all together, though, so ROCK ON!

    ghetto latte!!!!! martini shaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-P


    so ghetto!

    mmm iced coffee! doesn't the noise of ice rattling around in the shaker pierce your hungover skull though?

    1 reply

    Funny, I wandered about this too.

    This is ghetto how? j/k. Anyway, this is actually the way most Bubble Tea places prepare iced stuff, by shaking (with a machine, of course, until it's nice and frothy)