How to make a gift box from paper without glue or tape

Picture of How to make a gift box from paper without glue or tape
This Instructable will show you how to make a gift box from two pieces of construction paper.

Required materials:
2 pieces of 8.5" x 11" paper

Required tools:

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Step 1: Cutting the squares

Picture of Cutting the squares
box 007.jpg
box 009.jpg
Fold each piece of paper along a diagonal

Cut the piece for the lid into a square

Draw a line 3/8" smaller on the second piece and cut it along the line into a slightly smaller square

Step 4: A little extra flare

Picture of A little extra flare
box 019.jpg
box 020.jpg
Before folding the lid into it's final shape, snip along the creased diagonals to cut an artistic pattern.

Also cut a square from the scrap of the other piece of paper

Tuck it inside the box under the tips of the folded corners

Tie with a ribbon once the gift has been placed inside.


Now I can make my gifts AND their packages! Thanks for this great instructable!
erksome2 years ago
It worked! Thanks very much for this quick and easy Instructable!

I found it useful on step three to "mock" fold the corners into a box, without fully unfolding the corners yet, to get an idea of how it would make the box. Then I fully unfolded one corner at a time to then fold this larger corner over and into the bottom of the box (if this makes any sense).

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