How to make a gift box from paper without glue or tape

Picture of How to make a gift box from paper without glue or tape
This Instructable will show you how to make a gift box from two pieces of construction paper.

Required materials:
2 pieces of 8.5" x 11" paper

Required tools:

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Step 1: Cutting the squares

Picture of Cutting the squares
box 007.jpg
box 009.jpg
Fold each piece of paper along a diagonal

Cut the piece for the lid into a square

Draw a line 3/8" smaller on the second piece and cut it along the line into a slightly smaller square

Step 2: Creasing the squares

Picture of Creasing the squares
box 011.jpg
box 013.jpg
box 014.jpg
Make a crease across the middle of the square starting from each side

Crease all corners into the center

Folder the sides to the center

Turn 90 degrees and repeat

Step 3: Tucking the corners

Picture of Tucking the corners
box 016.jpg
box 017.jpg
Unfold all but two of the corners

Tuck wall corners in

Fold larger corner over and into the bottom of the box

Repeat on the other side

Repeat all steps on the other piece of paper

Step 4: A little extra flare

Picture of A little extra flare
box 019.jpg
box 020.jpg
Before folding the lid into it's final shape, snip along the creased diagonals to cut an artistic pattern.

Also cut a square from the scrap of the other piece of paper

Tuck it inside the box under the tips of the folded corners

Tie with a ribbon once the gift has been placed inside.