First, find a good sized branch in your backyard or in a hiking area with trees. If it is available, oak is the best wood to use for making a walking stick.

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Step 1:

Next, grab a pocket knife and "shave" all of the bark off of the stick. Also, make sure there are no twigs for bugs all over the stick. That will make it hard to finish the stick.
<p>Remember the Middle School part, they in the learning curve.</p>
I don't mean to be rude but that was a little vague . Also I would recommend an oak or walnut stain something with a little more shine along with a weatherproof clear coat so it won't rot
1. you don't need to say &quot;how to&quot;, it's implied <br> <br>2. you would never use a crooked branch for a walking stick, just wait till it snaps while you're using it

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