How to make a grassy hill with a sunset on Paint.NET

Picture of How to make a grassy hill with a sunset on Paint.NET
Hello! I'm going to show you how to make a grassy hill on paint.NET. It's really easy, and the outcome is very nice!
The picture shown is something I made for school. I could have made the tree better, but I made everything. 
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Step 1: Make the hill shape

Picture of Make the hill shape
First, I'll start out with an 800x600 background. Make a new layer. Select your green colour, and make an oval shape on the new layer. Next, make a layer on top of the last layer, and make a bunch of lines that sort of replicate grass. Now, select the empty space below it, and then fill it with green. You can delete the layer with the oval now.

Step 2: Add grass

Picture of Add grass
Now, get a bunch of random green colours, and make curved lines on the hill. This will be your grass, so add as many as possible. Make sure to have a good mix of dark and light greens, as they show the best. You're almost done!

Step 3: Apply fragment

Picture of Apply fragment
I have a plugin pack but I don't remember which one, so I'm not sure what plugin pack fragment is. Just google 'Paint.NET fragment plugin. what you're gonna wanna do is apply the fragment effect. You can change the settings to whatever, but I'm using these:
Fragment count:50
Rotation: 0
You will get something like in the picture.

Step 4: Apply multicoloured gradient

Picture of Apply multicoloured gradient
Google 'Multicoloured gradient plugin for paint.NET' to find this. I do yellow, orange, red, and then purple.
Make a layer above the background and behind the grass. Apply a gradient that is like the one shown in the picture.

Step 5: Render cloud layer

Picture of Render cloud layer
Last step! Above the gradient layer, render a white and black cloud layer. It should look something like in the picture.
Now, change the LAYER opacity to whatever you wish. I did 118. I resulted in the other shown picture.
TUDAH! Now you can add creepypasta stuff to it like I did and it will look totally awesome :)