Picture of How to make a great Instructable
This is a community edited Instructable that goes over the process of making an Instructable. It covers appropriate subjects; the mechanics of adding text, images, and files; and the level of quality expected in an Instructable.

You can start your first Instructable by mousing over "Submit" on the top navigation and clicking "New Instructable." Or, you can just click here!

If you're new to the site, welcome! This guide will help you navigate through creating an Instructable.

Step 1: Subject matter

Picture of Subject matter
The best instructables are written by people who are passionate about what they do and
want to share their knowledge. So, the best question to ask yourself about writing an Instructable is this: "Am I passionate, enthusiastic, and really excited about the project I am about to share."

Some good examples of Instructables written by passionate people:
3-D Scanner
Magnetic Acrylic Rubik's Cube
Dixie Cup Spherical Dodecahedron
Teddy Bear Remote Control
Dachshund wheelchair

We are also looking for people to write Instructables on some specific topics. Check out the Burning Questions if you are looking for something to write an Instructable about.

If you have a question, comment, idea, or request for collaborators, please post that in the forums. Instructables must include instruction.

Of course, there are some exceptions. If you did something that completely failed, and can teach others how not to repeat your error, that can make an excellent Instructable. Check How Not To for a good example of this.

Please do not make Instructables that violate our terms of service. Here is a brief, human-readable version of the TOS.

Instructables is rapidly evolving, growing, and becoming more and more exciting. Our vision for the project is captured in the about page, but I thought you might enjoy a more practical approach. So, here's a human readable terms of service (from here).

Please use Instructables to:

  • Document and show off how you built your projects.
Projects can be in any form -- half-finished (the documentation should be complete),
hot off your work bench, or fully debugged and ready to make a million units.
If there's instruction, if someone can learn from and improve upon your work, it's an Instructable.

  • Demonstrate how to do something.
This could include showing
how to change a car tire,
how to use a software product,
how to sail a boat.

  • Solicit feedback or help on projects.
Post useful comments and suggestions on other people's projects.
Work together with other users to improve on projects.
Post derivative projects that show your contribution or innovation to an existing Instructable.
We are working on tools to make this easier.

  • Market your project.
Did you make two widgets, but only need one?
Are you willing to cook your awesome recipe for others?
Are you the best at what you do and willing to share your service?
Let people know. We are working on tools to make this easier.

Please don't use Instructables to:

  • Advertise without any useful instruction.
    • Post projects that are inappropriate.
There's a "grayzone" that includes all the things you might think it includes: obscene projects, clearly unsafe projects with no warning or instruction, and projects that are previously copyrighted or rely solely on copyrighted or otherwise protected materials. If your project is in the grayzone, we may decide to un-publish or delete it.
  • Post comments that are mean-spirited or insulting.

mikeasaurus3 years ago
Here's an updated write-up on How to Write an Instructable (Oct,2011)

please i need someone to teach me more about elecronics and how to use its compunents


try a site called 'allaboutcircuits.com' they're really helpful, especially with those, like me, that know very little about electonics but want to learn.

Thanks for the tip. I don't know if I will ever be able to learn, but I want to try. =)

Happily, If this isn't too late

first you study a electron,free electron,shell orbital,velleany and then study the resistor and cpacitor ,condencer,diode ,transister,inductor and then RC circuit,RL circuit,CL circuit seres and praller and the ask me you deffinetly

Have you looked at specialty schools? Radio Shack has kits too

they usually help

DhanaS21 month ago

hi,somebody help me this http://www.iphone5sus.com/ website items very cheap can purchase from online...

JB952 months ago
Hi :)
I tried to upload my first instructable today multiple times from my Android device but it always says "Error: Bad Request".
What am I doing wrong? O.o
JohnS44 months ago

You should get money per view.

rodski6 months ago
Great instructable,i was getting a hard time on putting a link on my ibles! Hoping this are still applicable.
15, 5:44 PM.jpg
AmyKarle7 months ago

This article is a great "Instructable" on how to write an Instructable! Its helping me feel confident writing my first one on creating custom, designer fabrics. Thanks so much and check mine out! (Title: "Forged Fabrics") - Amy

Mohbuscus8 months ago
SparkySolar10 months ago

Thank you so much for this neat Instructable.


SparkySolar10 months ago
I love it
KyraMaimeo2 years ago
Kinda sucks that we have to have pro to download a PDF

If you make a great instructable and it gets featured, you'll earn a pro membership. Sometimes nice people in the instructables community may even gift it to you.


itgor1 year ago

Thank you very much for information. I get a more information about instructable.

kvkkumar81 year ago

Pranaam to all .......................
I am research scholar and a small painter . I need a old computer to complete my research work .
Please give an information that how to get free old computer to me .
Thank you ..............................
Krishna kumar K.V.( kvkkumar8@yahoo.com
Artgirl2002 years ago
How do I insert small additional images in an image? I couldnt find instructions for this. Thanks!
jeram_ular2 years ago
thank you
cool i love it
some one shoud do a how to video on this
washingm2 years ago
thank you.
I use google chrome and nothing is bad lol
teknohawk3 years ago
ok. i have a breadboard kit. would it be alright iif i show my creations on it, even if i followed the kits instructions?
Dear sir,

I am Tony1Gunalan. I just joined instructables.. I find it amazing, a big site and learning to go from one place to another. Sometimes I wonder what will happen if I click certain buttons. Ok Ilke to meet all the other members and get help from them. Right now I am into laser drivers build with smd for i watt laser diode. Any one can willing to share the method to construct a smd laser driver. Share with me the circuit. I will be very gratefull.Passing learned knowledge down is the way to go. No one seems to want to share in laser pointer forum, not clear ,not step by step.
Well Thank to instructables. Write another day.
rudedude1193 years ago
thanks for this i am new to making guides this will really help me
mr_nani3 years ago
hello,to all friends,i can not speake english very well.i want to help me all of your.i want the project that include ARM&avr whit maps and protel and proteuse picture and data sheet and pdf and clip project
HaileySugar3 years ago
Hi! I'm new to the site! How do I make a "Collaboration" with someone and also How do I do a guide? Can anyone set up the weekly challenges?
This is easier and surely gives comfort to internet users. Thanks for sharing. Post like this offers great benefit. Thank you!
I can't figure out how to do this part. I can't find how to do the "Steps", I can't even find the button for it. HELP!
These instructions pertained to a previous iteration of this site, the method has changed slightly in the last few years.

Look up to the top-right of this page, there should be a yellow button named "submit". Clicking this button will bring up a new page with options on how you want to publish your project.

Let me know if you have other publishing questions.
The yellow button brings me to a completely new to start instructable. Apparently it is not possible to do steps from the screen that I got to when I just started an instructable,

Some instructions should greatly enhance making an instructable.

This ofcourse is no criticism on you mikeasaurus as you are just trying to help.
I am just frustrated by the fact that I started an instructable, just by following the menu's. I then got to work in a screen that doesn't allow me to 'add' any steps and clicking the "Submit" button, brought me to a completely empty new instructable that had no relation to the one I had saved.
Well cutting and pasting then in the new instructable I guess.

One obviously does need more than an advanced college degree for this
This Instructable was written a few years ago, the site and interface has changed some since then. Here's an updated guide to get you started, let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!
Your link appears to be to some kind of heated shoe liners. Sorry - what was it supposed to point to?
whoops, no! Here is where you want to go.
Surely a new version needs to be written then?
how do change the photo sizes???
Do I have to make my instructable all over again (In step form) or is there some easy way to switch it over?
There's no way to switch between Instructable types and keep the content you've entered. However there are some easy ways to solve this:
  • Copy the Instructable text into a Word document (or Notepad and keep all the html) then paste it back into a new Instructable in the format you want.
  • Open a new browser window with the desired Instructable type and copy and paste the content between the windows.
This would be the easiest method to change the Instructable type. Good luck!
How do you get to the part where u make steps
diy_bloke3 years ago
Sorry to say but this "how to instructable" is pretty bad.
How do I make 'steps'?
It is the basic of an instructable and I still do not get it
This Instructable was written a few years ago, the site and interface has changed some since then. Here's an updated guide to get you started, let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!
ljones203 years ago
I'm trying to make an Instructable, but every time I go into preview mode, it deletes my text. If I type text in one step, it changes the text in all the other steps. I am very confused, and any help would be appreciated.
I"m having this same problem. Spent hours yesterday trying to write an instructable, couldn't break it into steps, then lost everything that I had 'saved'.
Yes,I also can't find out the how to do this part.
letapeta3 years ago
Once published, can I go back to edit and/or add steps?
once ive saved it how can i get back to it pls answer back pls pls pls
Log in. Click "You" in the upper right hand corner of the page. Click "Instructables". Then marvel at your own creation. (If your project is unpublished, click "Unpublished". This is slightly less marvelous.)
jeckk4 years ago
sway4 years ago
pls answer back i cant find the history tab pls tell me where it is
colorex4 years ago
colorex4 years ago
devilbarney4 years ago
Great! I'm using Chrome now and its awesome!!
twisted8 years ago
once "published" how long will it take for it to apear on teh website? i pubished mine.... but i cant find it!
Yeah that's the same with me!
I have 2/4 that cannot be found on the website also! The first was "published" quite a few months ago if not last year and it still cant be found!
Yeah same here, it's driving me nuts that I can't find my instructable on the website
I can't see the embed code. All I see are options to share on facebook, digg, twitter etc. What happened to the embed code? They seem to have gotten rid of that option. Please help! I would love to post my instructables to my blog!!
Vyger4 years ago
I have been using Flock for some time now and it apparently integrates well with the site. I have not run into any issues. As a browser I think its very good. Its very stable, almost never gives me any trouble.
oyesil4 years ago
chrome is the fastest browser. so, use it if you are a regular user.
but if you are a web designer/developer, i recommend firefox because it has very useful add-ons for developers.
internet explorer is the worst one
rustaholic7 years ago
This all seems to work well for me. I am using Opera.
opera pwns!
IE 8 PWNS!!!!
ha! shiternet explorer is worse than firefox!
Ur just pissy 'cause ur stuck with MSN
Firefox pwns...ER!
Firefox ftw
firefox equals the McLamer.
Well,,,,, Oprea fouled up so her I am back on IE
I use Opera too, and it works fine, although I found that the default image upload tool either doesn't work or is *really* slow, so I have to use the flash upload tool.
Furloy5 years ago
a better 'ible would have the author participating in the comment conversation!
tanygeo015 years ago
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arton5 years ago
Hi there, I am new on this site, im trying to figure out everything, if some one want to giIve me some advice for  Instructable please do becouse i am very interested to learn new things, to improve my knowledge about for ex.garden, house reparations etc. .
drresearch5 years ago
Oops, I actually DID start publishing my first instructable with the intention of adding pictures as soon as I got them. Sorry for that.
please give me a project to do.
this was really helpful thank you Instructables!
Bardouv6 years ago
Note: Google Chrome works well with Instructables
allenmt Bardouv5 years ago
 couldnt be more correct

Dreistein5 years ago
 every time i try to post an instructable it dosnt work how do i get it to work
techmind486 years ago
I am from India and have built a light following robot. Now I would like to build a speech enabled robot. This should be able to answer its name and other words. If Instructable member has built such a robot let me know? I came across the IC WW55PA71 (from Nuvoton - Taiwanese company) and other speech ICs ISD 5216, Can these ICs be used in the robotic circuits for generating speech. Any help from members? A. S. Bhasker Raj India email ID: bhasker.raj48@gmail.com
I looked at the datasheet for the ISD5216 and it is a voice recorder.
Whales6 years ago
What about Google Chrome? Thats what I use, no problems so far.
glugnar6 years ago
i like firefox
How do I display vertical pictures please? Everything is showing up landscape even if it is a portrait... Thx
viekie6 years ago
Hi I am new on this site,still busy try and figure out everything,if some one want to give me some advise for a Instructable please do.
ReCreate6 years ago
Whats next, an instructable on how to read instructables? ;) get it?
ewilhelm (author)  ReCreate6 years ago
How about you author that one?
granjef36 years ago
does this work as a collaborator
Hi, I finished my instructable and it published but its not on the explore pages. Is there something wrong with it? please tell me if there's anything i'll try and fix it. then please put it on the explore pages. Thank you
lakutreker6 years ago
I don't have digital camera so I have to use the one on my cell phone which as we all know gives you kinda crappy images. Will my instructable not be good enough to post then?
A shell phone should work, you might just have to try a few times to get it to focus right. You could also try to find an old web cam.
You can take pictures even with a film camera. When you go to have them developed ask that they put onto a CD-image disk. Most development centers do this now at minimal cost.
Thanks but the point is to do things on the cheap so I'll use the free process of my cell phone pictures rather than buy a camera and pay to develop the film too.
go to target, and get a Kodak, there $100 for a good one ( i have it) and for a lower quality, $50, if you don't have that little amount of money, eBay.com!
You may be able to buy a cheap digital camera online or (if in the USA) at some place like Walgreens. It might cost a little more, but it would be a one time investment, would improve your work and presumably be generally useful.
Thanks I'll look into with my next paycheck
I know I'm a little late but there's sometimes a little port on cell phones for memory cards. It's usually on the side or behind the battery cover. I got a 1 GB for my phone months ago and I'm still filling it up! The best ones come with their own adapters and depending on your computer, you can either plug it in directly or you have to get a second adapter. The symbol looks like the smaller one:
cell phone.jpg
ive used that technique to put pictures on my computer when i couldn't find my good camera
Also, you can search the net for public domain pictures/sketches that illustrate your point. Wikipedia is a good place to find them, as is this website- just check the licensing in the articles.
bassmonkey6 years ago
someone please help!!! I can't figure out how to get pix on my instructables, and i have a lot of cool ideas! (i think)
Up near the top of the page click submit, then click upload images.
Tom Buckey6 years ago
Wow that thing says "We hide ourselves the way we hide from each other."
how do you get to the link to make an instructable?
ewilhelm (author)  hermionegranger8 years ago
Hit the "Contribute" pull down link in the navigation bar.
ewilhelm (author)  ewilhelm6 years ago
Click "submit" at the top of the page in the orange header.
kelseymh6 years ago
In two years, nobody every thought to Feature this?!? Sigh...
Dirtyboyy6 years ago
is iemand nederlands stuur me dan een bericht ;)
wolfy_90056 years ago
You stole my idea :)
Um, this is the creator of instructables. I think he had the idea WAY before you. lol. ;D
I meant for an instructable on how to make instructables :p
I know. But think, if you made it it wouldn't be as detailed because the creator will know what his vision is so his would be more descriptive. =D
wenpherd6 years ago
i dont get that last line "Post comments that are mean-spirited or insulting"
It's under the buller of "Please don't use Instructables to:"
It seems orphaned there maybe it should go above the larger item.
Yea it kinda does, nice vocabulary though. :)
amakerguy6 years ago
How do you collaborate, and what does it mean?
When you submit an instructable it gives you the liscense options one of them allows other people to edit with your permission it's collaborating (within the 'able system) collaborating by definition is just talking with other people to form a plan or project.
domcev6 years ago
were are your pictures it would really help if you posted them comment me back when you are done
El Mano6 years ago
How does one edit an instructable, and to what point can it be changed?
Imtiaz6 years ago
Hi, I have an CDMA phone set, and I need an out-door antenna to increase my phone's signles. Actually I am using this phone for Internet connection, therefore I wanna attache out-door Antenna. It is Huawei Model: ETS2051.
Just wondering, what does that have to do with making a great instructable? You might want to consider posting that somewhere else.
P4nz3r7 years ago
Does this mean that it's not a good idea to publish if i'm making the instructable at the same time that i'm making the project, and the project isn't finished yet?
yes. however, you can save your work and finish it later.
I have VerizonFios, and it works fine.
I always use good language, so I will respect this rule out of habit and politeness.
kage_ryu076 years ago
okay i'm new at posting instructables and i was wondering if you can add images to them after you post them
Foaly76 years ago
How do you add the yellow boxes that show text when you mouse over them?
JellyWoo Foaly76 years ago
you upload the picture, then you click the picture and drag. a yellow box should appear. type what you want.
Foaly7 JellyWoo6 years ago
Thanks, I found that out while working on my instructable :-)
JellyWoo Foaly76 years ago
no problem. ;)
rockytopp7 years ago
Can I just submit a PDF page that contains directions for my recycled crochet project plus illustrations? rocktopp
kaerius7 years ago
how to i add the yellow notes on regular steps? on the intro, it'll let me no problem, but then on the steps every time i click it just makes that anti sign thingy, that's around the cigarette in a no smoking sign. you know what i'm talking about?
Metal4God8 years ago
ok so i made my first instructable and i want to make a nother one, How do I!
on the top of this page there are four drop downs. you, explore, community, and submit. click submit and then click instructable. i'm not sure if you already figured that out.
ewilhelm (author)  Metal4God8 years ago
i alredy found out but thanks
lol, i think this is funny, the instructable itself breaks a major rule of a good instructable, it doesn't have a lot of pictures
Dr. Cool7 years ago
Knuten7 years ago
Question about pictures: What sizes should be posted? Is there a "suggested" size or does the Instructable site just automatically crop & resize upon upload? RE: Hell o' world, I've actually been there (Hell). People kept telling me I should go so I did. It's a small town in Norway. I have a picture of the "Hell" sign as you enter the town which I'll try to post here.
Mepain Knuten7 years ago
I believe there is a Hell in Michigan, yes?
Yup. I'm there with ya.
YES there is. I have never been there, but I have been to Christmas, MI
theburn7 Knuten7 years ago
that sign is as cold as hell
ewilhelm (author)  Knuten7 years ago
We resize the images, so upload whatever you have. 500 pixels wide or large is best.
All4Shrimp7 years ago
Is anyone having the same trouble I am? When you create an instructable, and you type it in, it acts like it's not there and says that the specific feild is required. I think you could just press refresh and retype it that worked for me.
hello everyone, how do you post a instructable? that you want everybody to check out and get feed back on it, at the same time trying to protect your idea from infringment of any kind. cuz i dont have the money for any kind of patent.... just want get my idea out there, thanks for your help...
cris11337 years ago

hello world


knex maddo7 years ago
thanks for the tips
hey when i try 2 move 2 the first step it wont move it just flashes and comes back 2 the intro page
it does it 2 me 2
I would appreciate any ideas for pimping a fender stratocaster.
Likeitscary7 years ago
I don't know what I'm doing here...just looking for some cool ideas to steal for my Halloween party! I've already come across some awesome costume ideas. Can anyone help me with invitations? I don't do the "norm" and I've already done the coffin boxes...ideas anyone?
Try making little voodoo dolls that have party information stitched on them.
ewilhelm (author)  Likeitscary7 years ago
Try posting a forum topic to ask for ideas. It will be seen by more people on the forums.
dsman1952767 years ago
how do you put a entire group as a collabator?
cmchrist7 years ago
I just made an instructable i think it is bad though
CowGuy7 years ago
How do you make those little banners that are rotated on the front page? I saw an instructable a while back on how but cannot find it.
ewilhelm (author)  CowGuy7 years ago
Xap7 years ago
how to note on a mac, it just drags the image.
cris11337 years ago
why dosent cgi work?
How do you add comments to the pics? I used to able to, but now it won't let me! I KNOW you have to click and drag the mouse. But it's not working.:(
it doesnt work for me either. so what i do is that i wait until my project is finished, and then add in my notes. publish first, then get to noting. same thing, click and drag.
Hey, that works for me too. Thanks!:)
yup it does! your welcome.
What works for me is to edit a different step and then come back to the step that needs comments on the pictures. This way you don't need to publish it first.
lil jon1687 years ago
everytime i type in the title it says this is a required filed or sumthin
ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
hello world!
nerfer1927 years ago
what is up with this hello world stuff?
llamma boy and killajones i have exactely the same problem as you i keep getting put back to the this field is required place even though i filled it all out!!!
Is There Any Way Of Getting A Server For Free?????? >_>
Spint7 years ago
I cannot go to the first step of my instructable it just takes me back to this field is required when I click save and move on to next step.
-Sting-7 years ago
Everytime i try upload a picture, ERROR 500: com.instructables.exception.UnknownTypeException: Cannot determine type of Authorable; 'type' is 'null', comes up, what can i do???
ewilhelm (author)  -Sting-7 years ago
Please submit with as much information as you have.
-Sting-7 years ago
it wont let me upload a picture!!!!
Zetheros8 years ago
Can you make a detailed instructable without pics?
ewilhelm (author)  Zetheros8 years ago
Yes. However, there are few things that wouldn't be improved by pictures.
SFHandyman8 years ago
Can I add a specific collaborator? I want to work on something with one specific user but I don't want to open the Instructable for general collaboration. I see that as the owner it lets me pick and choose what goes in the Instructable but I'd rather it didn't show up as a collaboration and mislead people into thinking I'm opening it up to anyone. It looks like there is a work around. I could create a throw away group. Make it moderated. Add my project and make it a collaboration for that group. Only allow my friend to join as a member. Then when we were finished, I'd just delete the group. But that seems like such a kluge. I'd also have this group in my groups that people might want to check out. I couldn't find anywhere that said specifically that I could delete a group either. I know if it isn't available I could request it from staff. What am I missing? I've searched forums and instructables and postings. I can't find a detailed faq on how the site works, just bits and pieces scattered all over and some overview Instructables that don't go into detail. Thanks for your help.
i need help creating a new instructable, every time i hit save and add first step it just says "this is required" eventhough i already did it. to the title and overview parts.
ewilhelm (author)  SFHandyman8 years ago
You can add single people as collaborators. Just try it out.
Thanks, I did. Easy. Just didn't want to screw up my first instructable, it turned out well and I didn't want to mess it up by experimenting on it.
maxpower498 years ago
i donit like the new instructbals : (
Can some one search knex sword and see if they see one by Daniel662000 please thank you.
I did, it looks really cool. Im going to try it!
Hey, bob2020 it's against the rules to do anything violent!
bob20208 years ago
I'am making a bASH BOT it's going to to be violent
jiidali8 years ago
Can some one help! I want to write a Bach file script for checking the connectivity of my Exchange server. When ever I want to check it. It is painful to write all the command again and again in the COD.
Metal4God8 years ago
Thanks,guys.Now i can make one ive been trying to make since i signed up!
Metal4God8 years ago


uh knox poo you are poo
knex poo8 years ago
you can do the code to make things bigger to any single word wath this
knex poo8 years ago


knex poo8 years ago
= poo =
knex poo8 years ago
you can do the code to make things bigger to anything watch this
knex poo8 years ago

Hello World

knex poo8 years ago
my computer isn't letting me add images to my instructable. Please tell me why.
pooboy8 years ago

Hello World

nepheron8 years ago
Hello World
could somebody teach me how to make a lot of shurikens
damasta8 years ago
i'm making one now, and i wonder, is


the same as <h2>?

thank you
ewilhelm (author)  damasta8 years ago
Looks close enough to me.
sumplesnoob8 years ago
same here
is it possible to make an image appear in the little icon where you choose your step but not at the bottom with all the other pictures?
ewilhelm (author)  ranaakamarth8 years ago
I don't think I follow you.
ccddkkuu8 years ago
re: Step 13: How to deal with web forms and online systems
You could also select all of your finished text and copy your fresh work to the Clipboard of your computer, just before sending it. If the attempt fails and the back button is not helpful, you can paste the would-be-lost text for another attempt.
how do you start the actual instruction on the page where it sais first instructable
ewilhelm (author)  Ninja tip of the week8 years ago
Mouse over "Contribute" in the top navigation bar, and click "new Instructable."
PetervG8 years ago
How come this was bumped?
It was actually never published, so non-logged in users couldn't see it. It can't hurt for some of our new users to have a read through it.
I wanted you to know that I was searching the web to find out the best way to remove ticks from my dog. I saw your video and thought yeah, right. To my surprise, I tried it and it worked!! It took 10-15 seconds max! I've been trying to pull the tick off for the last hour with tweezers, suffocate with oil, etc. Your method was quick! Thanks for the info. I had to register just to tell you that. Thanks again!1
deansep8 years ago
But if you made the instructable then how can you click the digg it sign if there isnt one. Or can you put one on or do it for me?
ewilhelm (author)  deansep8 years ago
The Digg it button is right under the image in the gray rectangle.
Do I have to login to have it posted?
Zappeprman8 years ago
Perhaps I did not understand that actual work had to be done before I could share the information. Hope to find something about the Van De Graff that will be useful in relation to the Hydrogen Fuel Cell. Zapperman
lemonie8 years ago
ERROR 500: java.lang.RuntimeException: none of the thingId values was set, don't know what to add the comment TO (Let's try again) Peer-review? It has been suggested before. At 4000+ Instructables maybe it's time for a bit of 'housekeeping' and this is part of it? None of the people who don't post in accordance with the Instructables format are going to pay any attention to this, it is (regrettably) futile. L
ewilhelm (author)  lemonie8 years ago
We've got some new features coming up soon that will directly address your idea of peer review.
Credit where it's due, I first saw the idea here:

raykholo8 years ago
i enjoyed reading this, but figured most of it out the day before i signed up. Thanks, though.
cvillewill8 years ago
Thanks for posting this. This should be a must read for new members. It is very difficult to look through the mess of a poor instructable. Maybe you should add a section on plagerism. That seems to be a problem that I have noticed. (I apologize if there is that sort of section. I skimmed through this quickly during the little time I have.) Thanks Again
Vertigo6668 years ago
Thank you. i was thinkin about making one...
kruser28 years ago
hey ewhelm can you please kruser495 account back on. i have some ? to answer and post a new instructable. i am sorry for posting bad comments. you have yet to reply and it has bee over 2 weeks
HamO8 years ago
This should be required reading before posting any Instructable!
micmac8 years ago
"Add your project to a group on Instructables." HOW??
1)join the group that you want to add your instructible to. 2)when you publish your instructible there will be a checkbox to add it to that group. 3)your done :-)
ewilhelm (author)  micmac8 years ago
Dzwiedziu8 years ago
A question: can I edit the same instructable in two or more Mozilla/Firefox tabs? Will anything "clobber"?
ewilhelm (author)  Dzwiedziu8 years ago
Yes. I do that all the time.
kwalian8 years ago
Same here!
Jeremykid8 years ago
How do i add images?
i have a mac computer and i cant figure out how to put images on, when i drag and drop the images on the grey box that says "preview of your pictures here" the whole screen turns into that picture--- Please Help
what kind of mac do you have and what program r you running any other extentions that migh be affecting your computer? i think i can help
i have an I mac and its running OS 10.4 (Tiger) and i'm using safari as my web browser
ewilhelm (author)  Jeremykid8 years ago
Try using Firefox instead. Safari is unfortunately not a support browser.
how can i get Firefox?
Type Firefox into Google, and the first link should be the page where you can download Firefox.
This is a great instructable for new and begginers. You being the site admin, must get alot of help issues and other probolums. I myself have a question, can you delete images from your library that you have uploaded already. I'm not able to add images for my comments, it just says "loading your library" but it never pops up. I think that I have too many pictures in my library. If you can solve my probolum please respond. P.S sorry for any misspellings.
THat happens to me every time
ewilhelm (author)  knex hater hater8 years ago
Can you submit your exact problem to the bug section (contribute -> submit bug)? Thanks!
PizzaPlanet8 years ago
man i think this is the greatist idea since sliced bread(not really:( but its still superb)
wow a paradox instructable for making instructables
Whenever i upload a picture, it always is somebody else's! Somebody help please.
ewilhelm (author)  Castle Seige8 years ago
We have a bug that currently prevents you from accessing your library. It will be fixed tomorrow. Sorry for the trouble!
thank you.
would it be ok to say (my camra is down pics are coming soon)
ewilhelm (author)  master-of-chaos8 years ago
No. You should only publish once you have good images.
V3R1T4S8 years ago
EXACTLY what I was looking for =)
i got a problem tho i made a good instructbles pics notes good info (its fo a knex gun) so i published it but it still says that i havent posted a instructbles can you tell me how to plz
Phill8 years ago
A wonderful Instructable in itself. =)
jgillman8 years ago
Hilarious that there is an Instructable on how to make Instructables! How delightfully efficient!