Step 17: Edit & Expand

Picture of Edit & Expand
After a day or two, read your Instructable again and ask yourself if it could be better.

Correct spelling and grammar errors.
Clarify language.
Add links where appropriate (the more links the better).
Add notes to photographs.
Follow suggestions offered by readers.

Most importantly, add needed information.

If your project requires programming an IC, for example, it would help to add a step explaining where to get a programmer and how to use it--or find that information somewhere on the Internet and provide a link to it.

Ask yourself why you wrote your Instructable. Is it achieving those goals?

Ask yourself why people would be reading your Instructable or completing your project. Is the Instructable clear enough and complete enough to satisfy the needs of your readers?

If your Instructable is not fulfilling your own goals or the needs of your readers, don't be afraid to do a complete rewrite. Your instructions will be much more clear the second time around.

Finally, ask yourself if what you've written so far would make a good jumping off point for a new Instructable. Maybe people could do an even better job of completing your project if they had some other skill. Or maybe there's something else you can do that would develop the same skill. If people like your Instructable, they'll probably want more. That will keep you writing and your readers reading.
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