Step 3: Which Browser to Use

Picture of Which Browser to Use
The Instructables website is most thoroughly tested in the latest version of Firefox. We also support IE6 and IE7, but do not use these on a day-to-day basis, so IE-specific bugs may go unnoticed. If you are having trouble, try using Firefox. If you find a bug, please note your system setup and submit a bug.

Other browsers are not supported, and many have known issues.

You can get Firefox here.
I use google chrome and nothing is bad lol
sway4 years ago
Vyger4 years ago
I have been using Flock for some time now and it apparently integrates well with the site. I have not run into any issues. As a browser I think its very good. Its very stable, almost never gives me any trouble.
oyesil4 years ago
chrome is the fastest browser. so, use it if you are a regular user.
but if you are a web designer/developer, i recommend firefox because it has very useful add-ons for developers.
internet explorer is the worst one
rustaholic7 years ago
This all seems to work well for me. I am using Opera.
I use Opera too, and it works fine, although I found that the default image upload tool either doesn't work or is *really* slow, so I have to use the flash upload tool.
Whales6 years ago
What about Google Chrome? Thats what I use, no problems so far.
glugnar6 years ago
i like firefox
I have VerizonFios, and it works fine.