Step 2: Barrel types

Picture of Barrel types
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Two types of barrels were explained in the last step. There is a third type, the barrel-hopper combo.

A hopper is basically a compartment that holds ammunition until the ammunition is ready to fire, and the hopper will feed it into the barrel. The hopper is called many things-hopper, magazine, clip, etc.-and each one is a slightly different part on a real weapon, however, they are all accepted as the same thing in the world of K'nex.

One example of a good hopper-barrel combination is crestind's AST Rifle.
Another great combo is Ipod Killer's Sniper Rifle.
The best combination is probably the barrel of Perfect Duck's Red Impact because it lacks the friction that most hopper-barrel combinations have.
flamely7 years ago
i have an idea in my head for a great barrel i made it but shoots only 30 ft but from 30 ft i was able to hit a can so it is accurate but how do i strengthen the barrel note: the barrel i made has hardly any friction also i cant put pic bc i cant find a camera atm
more rubber bands, thicker/stronger rubber bands, etc.
riggles6 years ago
which barrel is better the one where it goes in between the circle in the connector or when it goes between 2 connectors?
yeh ive always wondered that too
Thanks i've been trying to figure that out! no I'm gonna try to make a really long cannon =) its just basically a big barrel with a string that u pull thx!
u replyed to wrong guy but NP! lol
The one that goes inbetween the two connecters is allot better because it uses a sling shot firing system where as the circle barrel as you put it requires a ram rod which is not that long meaning less power and there is more friction meaning less power again.
not really...i mean its better but it isnt always slingshot...its ram rod alot of the time between 2 connectors...and yes slingshots are more powerful but ram rods can have mags....and yes u could add a mag on a slingshot gun but it would pretty much BLOW :P
Alirocks16 years ago
Mmmm qeustion plz reply How long is de fire pin most likely in long guns like these?
isnt a hopper a mag that goes on the top?
i don't know how clips work on guns
The firing pin is pulled back. Because the firing pin is pulled away, the bullet falls from the hopper into the barrel, and when you pull the trigger the firing pin is released, pushing the bullet out of the barrel, and the process begins again.