Step 2: Barrel Types

Two types of barrels were explained in the last step. There is a third type, the barrel-hopper combo.

A hopper is basically a compartment that holds ammunition until the ammunition is ready to fire, and the hopper will feed it into the barrel. The hopper is called many things-hopper, magazine, clip, etc.-and each one is a slightly different part on a real weapon, however, they are all accepted as the same thing in the world of K'nex.

One example of a good hopper-barrel combination is crestind's AST Rifle.
Another great combo is Ipod Killer's Sniper Rifle.
The best combination is probably the barrel of Perfect Duck's Red Impact because it lacks the friction that most hopper-barrel combinations have.
nice looking spas 12 does it shoot
I may not put "alot" of time into my guns, or so it may seem, because I'm on summer break and I have way to much free time!
I've got organizers too! they are so extremely useful! especially when you have the curse of not being able to find what your looking for, but finding what you will need next and throing it away...
lol, I know right!
where did u get all the knex i cant find any where to get it
what's that sniper-looking gun on top?
my mum won't let me buy any more knex she says iv'e got enough!!!:(
Me too :(
*laughs* what kind of mom do you have? the devil!? xD and how old are you? xD *laughs*
same here
in england
i have an idea in my head for a great barrel i made it but shoots only 30 ft but from 30 ft i was able to hit a can so it is accurate but how do i strengthen the barrel note: the barrel i made has hardly any friction also i cant put pic bc i cant find a camera atm
more rubber bands, thicker/stronger rubber bands, etc.
you have tons of knex and the knex guns look awesome <br /> <br /> &nbsp; <br />
I created a trigger that you pull, and then you release it to set off the firing pin
Not sure if it was my own creation or someone elses, but just thought id put the idea out. :)
thats called a repeater.
A repeater is a type of gun that has a handle on a pivot under the trigger that you push forward and back to load a bullet into the chamber...<br />
that was a year ago when i said that...<br />
why? you still pull back the ram.
oops. sorry, if it shoots every shot then it is a repeater.
Let me guess...<br /> <br /> You attached the trigger to the back of the firing pin.<br /> XD<br /> <br />
I had a bolt action gun that held 5 shots and used a true trigger/magazine system, but my friend sat on it and broke it :( I'll try to recreate it. That's where my scope came from (if you check out my channel)
&nbsp;That isn't a good gun. Everyone besides beginners have block triggers. And a bolt pistol have been done too many times. If you wanna have a good gun you should stop taking cred for other guns and start building your own.
&nbsp;wheres that inferno thing.I want to see how big it is but the links broken!
You have a lot of time on your hands...<br />
As opposed to who?&nbsp;You?&nbsp;Five people made this instructable. I spent about five minutes writing and about ten minutes photographing/uploading for the part I&nbsp;did. Some of the other steps used pictures that were already on the interweb, so those took even less time. <br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
I meant the guns.<br />
Says the war log guy
That takes 10 minutes.<br />
10x3=30 minutes.<br /> If you make 1 a week until 2010 that's (4x10)x2=80<br /> 30+80=110<br /> <br /> So you will spend 1 hour and 50 minutes writing your logs.<br /> <br /> Therefore:<br /> Mepain's free time&lt;NYPA's free time.<br /> <br /> VICTORY!<br />
How do you know Mepain's free time?<br />
&lt;Mysterious voice&gt;<br /> We can only assume...
Lol Yall have to much free time on your hands to calculate other peoples free time. LMFAO <br />
I was thinkng of making&nbsp;a cool knex gun that has a sight a removavle mag and a true trigger. I have started building today and i will tell u it has not been good i am having trouble with the trigger mech.This helped me a lot with the gun thnks. This is going to be my best knex gun ever. I am not sure what kind of gun it is so i called it a EX-25.(I thought is sounded cool)
This should be updated to include some new technologies and discoveries in knex, eg, oodammo.
why is oodammo so special.. i've been using that ammo far before it was released...
me too ive been using it for 2 years now and i invented it.
Bunduk used oodammo on a basic block trigger gun 3 years ago.&nbsp; <br />
Fun, now go annoy someone else for a change, k?<br />
No.<br />
De ponte en el Feugo :)<br />
exactly, i used oodammo to shoot my sister with bows (i was little..) like 5 years ago rofl :D
it isnt stronger than any other ammo either.
He already did on KI.<br />
&nbsp;oh........i guess that wud make me look kinda dumb......

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