Step 5: True triggers

On just about every gun a true trigger is a must if you want people to like it. I have seen lots of people complain that true triggers are to hard to make, But in retrospect, they are very easy to make after some experience.

The only gun type i have seen that has to use block triggers is machine guns, a firing arm reaches out and pulls all of the block triggers when they are rotated to the top.

There are just about unlimited ways to make true triggers. the easiest way to make a true trigger is like the one on the desert buzzard K'nex gun,
The gun's trigger is a hinge that pulls a orange connector down, out of the way of the firing pin, Thus firing the gun. It is a very simple way to make a true trigger and holds just about the same amount of power as a block trigger.

pic 1: the desert buzzard
pic 2-4: the making of the trigger

The other way is to make a block trigger a true trigger, this is just as easy as making a real true trigger(Once you understand how to make it). there is unlimited ways to make them and you have to fit the trigger to your gun, so i will just add some pictures of them for you to look at and get a feel for making them.

pic 5: the true trigger on my secret project :-)
pic 6-7: the true trigger on the pack sniper
pic 8: mepain's pistol

dp mac7 years ago
can you post the trigger mech on the "secret project" plz thx
dsman195276 (author)  dp mac7 years ago
no, anyway it was the DM-15 sniper. the trigger is just like all the other sniper triggers.
hey why is ur post blue like ur the ible maker? i thought mepain made this.
You forgot the best trigger of all time as it is easy to make, can take so much pressure and is simple to load and use... The Rachet System as shown on my Knex Rhino V1.
knexjay6 years ago
i dont get true triggers at all
It's all explained in this image.
How a knex gun with true trigger works.bmp