How to Make a Grilled Cheese Gameboy Sandwich!




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Introduction: How to Make a Grilled Cheese Gameboy Sandwich!

Good morning/evening/whatever is in between! I was thinking (a sure sign to look out) "How do I make my gameboy advance better?" Well, I found out how! This is how to make a grilled cheese sandwich gameboy! (inspired by pinky-dinky-doo) DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGED GAMEBOYS OR GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES. it's recommended not to do this project



Step 1: Making the Grilled Cheese

First, you need to make the grilled cheese sandwich. place the bread in a pan. then put the cheese on top of it. turn it on the "full speed ahead" setting.

Step 2: Cut a Square in the Sandwich

Cut a square in the sandwich that is about the same size as the gameboy screen. Then open the sandwich up

Step 3: Put the Gameboy in the Sandwich

set the gameboy in the sandwich. then put the other half on top so the square lines up with the screen. you may need to cut the bread a little more to expose the buttons.

Step 4: Hooray!

now turn the gameboy on and have some fun!

Step 5: The Aftermath

uh-oh. gameboy no worky no more :'(



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    Totally agree, he should have bought a gameboy advance sp. Maybe he also shouldn't have put his gameboy advance in a grill cheese, but it is his to do what he wants with even if that means destroying it and putting instructions on how he did it online for all of us to frown upon. :(

    Wow, ur not even raging 'bout the gameboy.

    Reading this was the best thing I have done in eight years.

    1 reply

    I assume those question marks are implying that it is awesome. Thank you.

     Here are my question marks:
    They question the ruin of a perfectly good handheld gaming device.

    Ruin??? More like great use of gaming device!



    Here are my question marks. They do in fact imply, it is awesome!

    No, REALLY POINTLESS! But dang majestic thogh!