Picture of How to make a hair bow holder for girly girls
My sister had a simple request: a place to store her daughter's growing number of hair clips. This craft of ribbon, netting, and lots of glue is my solution.

The size and amount of materials can be determined by the creator. I used a lot of what I had on hand already.

Materials and tools:

Embroidery hoop
Ribbon (a variety of widths and colors makes the finished product visually more interesting)
Metal ring for hanging the project
Trim (optional, you could just use more ribbon)
Craft glue (hot glue could also be used)
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Step 1: Cut embroidery hoop in half

Picture of Cut embroidery hoop in half
An embroidery hoop was cut in half to create the base for the ribbons and netting. I used the hoop half that didn't have the tightening screw. Keep both the exterior and interior halves you will use.

Step 2: Measure and cut ribbon used as side hangers

Picture of Measure and cut ribbon used as side hangers
Measure and cut two pieces of ribbon. You can decide the length, I decided at least twelve inches was the best.

Glue one end of each piece around the ring you will use to hang the craft from. I used a D-ring because it was the first thing I put my hands on. This did create some problems when hanging, so I would suggest using a metal circle of some sort.

Glue the other end of the ribbon to the inside end of the hoop half. Do the same to the other piece of ribbon on the other end of the inside of the hoop half.
girly girls2 months ago
this is so me :-) !!!
 Cute!!! and the button trim makes me smitten too LOL
ChrysN6 years ago
How cute, the button trim looks great, neat idea!
mrscrumley (author)  ChrysN6 years ago
A plain ribbon would work for trim, but when I saw this button trim, I was smitten!
Chicken22096 years ago
Nice complete instructable! and i like your photos, nice and bright
mrscrumley (author)  Chicken22096 years ago
Thank you so much! It is my first instructable (and my first project worth creating one for), so I'm feeling like a proud mama!
i mean I wouldnt make myself one... but yet again, I don't have any hair bows to be holded