Step 6: Tie A knot

Picture of Tie A knot
So, hopefully you have made it through that last bit. and now you're ready to fit the pot.

Slip the empty pot into the weave and see exactly where you would like it to sit. (I didn't get a picture of this, because it was difficult to handle it, and the camera at the same time.)
Remove pot, and take all the strands tying a simple knot in the end where the bottom of the basket will be. now, you can keep it some what loose untill you get the positioning right, and if your pot is on the smaller side, you can leave it loose so you can adjust later when it needs a deeper / bigger pot.

Test how it rests in the basket by putting pot back in.

Some tweaking may be required based upon how your weaved segments sit. but don't worry it'll be ok, after all, the plant doesn't care about the aesthetics of the basket it's hanging in... it's most likely freaking out because it's not in the ground swinging high above it.

All kidding aside, I hope that some of you found this helpful or a fun little project for a rainy day, or possibly a gift for someone.

Once again thank you all for inspiring me to do my own instructable. I've always loved this site, and was really excited to do this experiment / project... or maybe it was just the beer. :)

Good luck with your projects, feel free to improve upon, or use this to create your own designs etc. I think next time I will experiment with number of strands and positioning of knots etc.
kmc23 years ago
Thank you!! Spent the last two days trying to find this. This is great, love the 2 beers in the materials needed.
civads4 years ago
Worked exactly as described...at first I thought I had cris-crossed the wrong support strings but after I put something into it I saw it worked great!
tmora4 years ago
this was such a pleasure to do! easy steps, funny remarks, and great photos. I love my new hanging spider plant!! thank you!!!
sithumai5 years ago
Thank U very much ... I was exactly looking for this...
Thanks so much! I was really happy to find your instructable. ^_^ My lovely basil plant is now happily hanging in front of my kitchen window.
BTW. I love the Klingon pic. Hilarious!
 Thanks for this wonderful Instructable! I made an XXL plant hanger for a much larger plant than you demonstrate, and I would never have figured out how without your Instructable. I do have one suggestion to improve the structural support near the loop, I used three twelve foot ropes instead of six of the six foot ropes, and used a cow hitch knot to attach each rope with two dangling ends. 
I love your instructions, pics and the tags you putted, especially the funny ones about your cat, the beer and your son's artwork...you are the Best!! Thank you so much,..I am leaving now to make my own plant hanger...Yupeee!!
LKRowell6 years ago
You just made your first macrame hanger! Great job! You crack me up. I'll have to try adding that beer step to my next project.
codongolev6 years ago
I read the whole thing. very detailed. it explained it perfectly. somehow, I still don't know how to make one.
Barbarinha7 years ago
Great job dude! I hope you get some bonus points for it.