Make a hat like this! Originally, I wanted to make a newsboy cap, but it ended up looking more like a police hat...
Maybe, if I used a different material, it would look more like a newsboy cap. Nevertheless, try this out!...With fabric, if possible...

Materials needed:
-Any material (fabric, old jeans, old shirts, plastic bag, cardboard, paper, etc)
-marking utensil (pen,pencil, chalk, marker, etc)
-connecting tools (threat and needle, sewing machine, stapler, tape, rubber band, etc.)
-tape measure
-ruler/straight edge
-time and energy
-and whatever else you need.

Step 1: Step One

Measure your head from the end of your hair on your forehead
and the end of your hair behind your neck with the tape measure.
Include the ears and wrap it fairly tight on your head.
It doesn't matter if you use inches or centimeters.
I prefer centimeters.
I measured my head 60 cm.
Love the design :)
<p>yh I know right</p>
<p>WOW! it looks soooo easy but when I tried it ,it was HARD!</p>
<p>I used this tutorial to make a huge policeman's hat for a giant lego head to promote our church's VBS theme this year. It was absolutely spot on! Thank you for an excellent instructable!! </p>

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