Picture of How to make a hat out of sponges

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Sponges, a needle, string, glue, a sharp knife, some kind of hairgrip or hairpin and a bread board.
I love the idea. It is so neat! :-)
van_bang4 years ago
Wow, that's great!!!!
I´ll do many different hats like this for my kinder pupils... they will love them!!!
Thank you soooooooooooo much!!!!
What a crazy-wonderful idea! May I ask what inspired this?
phelps6 years ago
Like the hat?Like the hat?

(Best. Delivery. Ever.)
rachel6 years ago
Fantastic. Super original idea, and well documented. Yay!
icebird6 years ago
I was a little skeptical when I saw this come up in my rss reader, but it actually looks kind of neat. I like how you made the flowers. The veil design could be used for a lot of other crafts & decorations as well.
Lftndbt6 years ago
WoW that is extraordinarily creative!! Great work!!