this is my first time to post a instructable...
i just want to share my work to everyone...
i hope you will like it....

Warning:::do it at your own risk

better remove your negative battery connection so there will be no damage if you short your connections...

Step 1: things and tools that you need:

things and tools that you need::
30A bosch relay - 2pcs.
relay socket  - 2pcs. or spade terminals male(optional if your on budget)
spade terminals - 2 pairs
ring terminals - 2pcs.
auto wire - i use 22ft. of gauge 10 wire or you can use #12 (don't use #13 or #14)
fuse holder - 2pcs. ceramic or plastic and extra 1pc.(optional if you'lll add 2 more lights)
fuse - 10A ,15A or higher than tthese if you'll add more lights
Bulb -all weather or high wattage bulb 100/80w or higher(optional) if you really like much more light like a hid's
bulb ceramic socket(optional) if you have higher wattage bulb or plaining to upgrade.
electrical tape(E.tape)
shrink tube(optional) if you want that to look a pro. work
solder lead
soldering paste(optional use)
cutter or scissor
long nose or pliers
ballpen or pencil
clear tape
working area

my apologies that i did not taken picture of the old headlightbeam <br />
<div style="margin-top: 3.0px;margin-right: 2.0px;"><a href="../../../member/yztay/"><br /> </a></div> <div><span style="padding-top: 4.0px;float: right;color: rgb(133,117,97);"><br /> </span></div> yztay is right if you want much more brighter lights or adding more headlight.<br /> <br /> thanks yztay<br />

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